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    Puyo Pop Fever

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released Feb 04, 2004

    Line up colored Puyos as you attempt to recover a magic wand in this puzzle game.

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    The title screen of the GameCube version.
    The title screen of the GameCube version.

    Puyo Pop Fever (known as Puyo Puyo Fever and Puyo Puyo 5) is a game in the popular Puyo Puyo franchise. The game was released on PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Mac OS, Game Boy Advance, PC, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and arcade. The game was published by Sega, Atlus, THQ, Namco, and Ignition Entertainment and developed by Sonic Team. Puyo Pop Fever was originally released in North America on July 20, 2004.

    The game began as a project to merely keep the franchise alive, but Sonic Team began to implement entirely new features, characters, and gameplay aspects. The creators of the Puyo Puyo franchise, Compile, had recently gone bankrupt before the release of Sonic Team's first Puyo Puyo game, Puyo Pop on the Game Boy Advance. Despite their bankruptcy, all of the original characters of the franchise returned.


    Puyos must be aligned four-in-a-row of a single color.
    Puyos must be aligned four-in-a-row of a single color.

    Puyo Pop Fever stars Amitie, who is attending a school of magic. She is learning how to use Puyos to cast spells. Puyos are jelly-like creatures of several different colors. Puyos fall in a game field (similar to game fields in other puzzle games, like Tetris or Dr. Mario), where they must be aligned depending on color. Four Puyos of the same color in a row will cause those four to "pop." Then a "spell" is cast onto the other player's field, causing grey Puyos (or "garbage" Puyos) to fall.

    Puyo Pop Fever adds a Fever Mode (as the gameplay detailed above is identical to that of Puyo Pop). There is a bar in the middle of the screen that must be filled up to trigger Fever Mode. In Fever Mode, there are several pre-arranged puzzles in which the player must send in one chain of Puyos to erase (or pop) all of the Puyos on the screen. This continues until the time runs out.

    Puyo Pop Fever also has a multiplayer component, for which it was most praised. This mode is similar to the single player, except there are two players. The multiplayer mode was especially praised for the Nintendo DS version, which supported two to eight players at a time (previous games only allowed two to four players).


    Puyo Pop Fever puts players into the role of Amitie, a girl who is attending a magic school. Her teacher, Ms. Accord, has lost a magic wand. Amitie decides to try and find it for her, as she offered a reward. Amitie then travels through the world, meeting many of the characters from the Puyo Puyo world. Her rival is Raffine in the hard mode version of the story.


    • Arle Nadja
    • Onion Pixy
    • Oshare Bones
    • Hohow Bird
    • Amitie
    • Dongurigaeru
    • Ralfine
    • Rider
    • Popoi (unlockable)
    • Frankensteins
    • Tarutaru
    • Prince of Ocean
    • Klug
    • Accord
    • Yu
    • Carbuncle (unlockable)

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