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    Puyo Puyo Box

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 21, 2000

    Puyo Puyo Box is a compilation game that features ports of the first two games in the series, an RPG mode, and the ability to play using any of the prior games' rulesets. It is the final Compile-developed Puyo Puyo title.

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    Puyo Puyo Box is a competitive puzzle game developed by Compile. It contains ports of Puyo Puyo and Puyo Puyo Tsu, but also features new content in its "Puyo Box" mode. This mode allows players to use gameplay mechanics from the four main Puyo games in either a gauntlet against the CPU, an RPG-like quest, or a multiplayer battle against another player.

    This title is the last Puyo Puyo entry from Compile.

    Puyo Box

    Puyo Box mode features 1-player, 2-player, and 4-player modes. The two single player modes include Puyo Puyo Quest, where players control Arle Nadja as she embarks on an adventure, and Scrambled Puyo Puyo where players must defeat 10, 20, or 30 enemies to win a trophy.

    The enemies featured in Scrambled mode are taken from all previous Puyo Puyo games, the Madou Monogatari series, and, in the case of Dark Witch, the free games given out in Compile's Discstation Magazine. Since the game's visual style is based on the Original Puyo Puyo/Tsu, characters that were not present in those games are given all new mugshot spites. The game also uses palette swaps and sprite edits to create alternate versions of certain characters, such as Puyo Puyo~n's Rulue and Doppelganger Schezo. The order of opponents is semi-randomized, with exceptions listed below:

    • The 10-man course always ends with Witch, Schezo Wegey, and Satan.
    • The 20 man course always ends with Lagnus the Brave, Doppelganger Schezo, Doppelganger Arle, Rulue, and (yo~n) Satan.
    • The 30-man course always ends with Chico, (yo~n) Schezo, (yo~n) Doppelganger Arle, (yo~n) Rulue, and Masked Satan.

    The list of possible opponents, sorted by the ruleset that they use in battle, are as follows:

    • Puyo Puyo: Dark Witch, Doppelganger Arle, Doppelganger Schezo, Draco Centauros, Minotauros, Mummy, Nasu Grave, Panotty, Sasoriman, Satan, Skeleton T, Succubus, Suketoudara, Zoh Daimaoh, Zombie
    • Tsu: Banshee Trio, Baromett, Cait Sith, Cockatrice, Dragon, Fufufu, Lycanthrope, Mamono, Masked Satan, Mini-Zombie, Momomo, Nomi, Owl Bear, Pakista, Parara, Rulue, Samurai Mole, Scylla, Sukiyapodes, Uroko Sakana Bito, Will-o-Wisp
    • Sun: Beast Draco, Carbuncle, Choppun, Harpy, Honey Bee, Incubus, Kikimora, Komodo Dragon, Lagnus the Brave, Nohoho, Schezo Wegey, Witch
    • Yo~n: Archan (Pinpoint), Arle Nadja (Barrier), Black Kikimora (Solitude), Chico (Triple Wave), Doppelganger Arle (Hyper Barrier), Draco Centauros (Split), Dragon (Freeze), Harpy (Wildcard), Incubus (Hard Strike), Kikimora (Sweep), Lagnus the Brave (Slice), Minotauros (Cut), Nohoho (Parallel Wave), Panotty (Teleport), Rulue (Neo Break), Satan (Transfer), Schezo Wegey (Neo Slash), Seriri (Sympathy), Witch (Thunder)


    When starting a battle in Puyo Box, the player is prompted to select from one of the following four rules.

    • Puyo Puyo: The player cannot erase any Nuisance Puyo that are waiting on top of their field.
    • Tsu: When a player has received Nuisance Puyo, any Nuisance that they would have been sent to the opponent is used to erase waiting Nuisance. (This is called "Offsetting.") If the entire field is cleared, the next chain will receive a Nuisance bonus.
    • SUN: When the player offsets Nuisance, Sun Puyo are dropped onto each side of the field. These Puyo grant a small Nuisance bonus when a chain is cleared next to them. Clearing the entire field grants Sun Puyo based on the size of the chain that cleared the field.
    • Yo~n: After choosing this rule, the player is prompted to choose a Super Power. Clearing Puyo increases a super meter, which yields a star when filled. The player may activate their Super Power by giving up a star and discarding their current pair of Puyo. Offsetting and the All-Clear bonus is the same as Tsu. Puyo drop smoothly instead of in "steps."

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