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    Puzzle Chronicles

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jan 28, 2010

    Puzzle Chronicles is a puzzle/RPG game in which a player matches gems. Originally released on PSP, it was added to XBLA in Spring 2010.

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     Puzzle Chronicles is a puzzle/RPG hybrid game in which the player places and merges colored gems and eliminates them with similarly colored special gems. By eliminating skull gems, the player can build up attacks which are displayed on the battle screen above the puzzle screen. After each match, the player earns gold and experience, allowing the player to enhance abilities and gain new skills. There are also mini-games which consists of variations on the match-3 puzzle genre.
    This game was developed by Infinite Interactive, the same developer behind Puzzle Quest.


    You play as a barbarian whose tribe has been captured to be sold into slavery. You're released by a sorceress and begin to battle through enemies in an attempt to free them. You also have a sidekick called a Warbeast who can attack the enemy after a certain number of colored gems are matched.

    XBLA Version

    Released onto XBLA on 4/21/2010, the art assets for the game were updated with increased resolution and clearer character models. The game currently sells for 800 Microsoft points and has no DLC available.

    Critical Reception

    The game was not well received. The current Metacritic average for the PSP version is 63 with a range of 20-80. The XBLA version has one review of 70. The game apparently suffers when compared to its competitor, Puzzle Quest, as most reviewers mention.

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