Why am I playing this dumb game?

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I sprained my wrist this week and I haven't been able to play any real games for the last few days so I decided to give this a shot; I ended up playing for 5 hours last night...

It's not bad; on the surface it's a fairly simple match 3 game, but they've incorporated a pokemon type monster collecting/leveling up/evolving/combat layer that gives the game enough depth to be interesting.

Today is a good day to get in, for the next 12 hours, they have a "god" mode active and new players have an extremely good shot at getting a very rare god monster as their starter from completing the tutorial.

This is a free to play game, but it seems fine, I don't feel like I'm gated or have any need to spend money on the game, I really can't see anyone needing to spend money on it unless you went on some crazy quest to collect all the monsters which would probably take more time than money anyway.

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I tried playing it but the entire experience was so grating to my eyes I had put it down immediately.

You are made of sterner stuff it would seem.

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I played it for about 10 minutes before completely losing interest.

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@yi_orange: You may not have been working the board, it's pretty boring if you are just working on making one set and hoping for random combos, the fun I'm having is building up big combos with what is already on the board.

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I used to be addicted to this damn game. Thankfully never spent any cash on it though, as I recently lost my data. :/

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