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    Puzzle Quest 2

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Jun 22, 2010

    Puzzle Quest 2 is the long awaited follow up to 2007's Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.

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    Puzzle Quest 2 is the direct follow-up to 2007's smash hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords.  Returning to its roots, Puzzle Quest 2 combines match three style puzzle games with a fantasy RPG setting as a backdrop.      


    Combat in Puzzle Quest 2 is very similar to what players of Challenge of the Warlords are familiar with. Combat takes place on a field of colored gems, gems come in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, blue, green and purple. Each colored gem corresponds to a certain type of mana, which when collected allows the player to use equipped spells that can drastically change the tide of battle. Along with using spells to cause damage to an opponent, skulls are scattered amongst the other gems on the game field and when three or more are matched deal damage. Special 5 skulls can be matched with regular skulls to deal even more damage.  Puzzle Quest 2 also introduces action gems (represented by a gauntlet icon). Matching action gems rewards action points which can be spent to use weapons, shields and other items found throughout the dungeon to deal damage, increase mana/defense, or perform special actions.
    Unlike the first game, many actions in the world require the use of the match three gameplay. Tasks such as opening locked chests or doors put the player into a field of unique gems that when match either move a tumbler on a lock or add to a players loot in the form of gold or unique items. 


     A lvl. 50 barbarian.
     A lvl. 50 barbarian.
    Puzzle Quest 2 features a variety of playable character classes at the start of the game. The Barbarian, uses strength and stamina as their primary statistics. The Barbarian is considered the most all around class in the game and the best fit for newer players to the game. Warmages and Sorcerers use intelligence and morale as their primary statistics, both classes feature a wide variety of spells for any situation that may arise.  The Inquisitor and Templar both use morale and stamina and feature high defense and health, they can also utilize heavy armor and shields.  The fourth and final class is the  Assassin, using agility and stamina, considered a weak class, the Assassin can deal huge damage in combos and use poisons to augment their attacks.


    Every character features five basic attributes. Strength is represented by red and increases the chance you will score a critical hit from weapons and damage dealt by matching skulls. Agility is represented by yellow and increases blocking chances and bonuses earned from matching action gems. Intelligence represented by blue increases a players maximum amount of mana a player can store as well as increasing bonus turns used in mini-games such as lock-picking and earning treasure from chests. Stamina is represented by green and determines the maximum amount of life points a player has as well as increasing the chance of a critical block. Morale is represented by purple and increases the chance of resisting an opponents spells as well as the amount of damage a weapon deals when used.
    Each class earns various attributes at different rates, a higher attribute will increase that colors effect during battle. An example being agility, having a high agility attribute will allow a player to start with more yellow mana in a battle, as well as how much they can hold in total and how much is gained when matching yellow gems.           

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