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I finished Pyre a couple days ago and wanted to share some of the events that stuck out in my mind.

Spoilers abound, obviously.

I'm quite satisfied with how my ending turned out. We had a peaceful revolution. After everything shook out, my Reader set off across the ocean, with Sandra in the beyonder crystal. We had a good connection.

My style was to send up people who didn't seem to fit in with the Commonwealth. So my first member liberated was Ti'Zo. Pamitha, Rhae, jodariel, the ones who could bring some of that Downside charm back up top.

I tried to let most events play out the way they intended, but after losing to H. Manley Tinderstauf twice I was not going to let him win in the liberation rite and restarted that fight. Years from now hearing that name will likely send me into a rage.

Rhae was definitely my favourite character, both in behaviour and speech. She was the last person liberated, before myself. I know, I know, I should've stayed behind, but after Hedwyn offered me a chance to leave I couldn't turn that down. And he his former love joined him down below, so I think he'd be happy in the Downside. Sandalwood and Bertrude also remained.

My biggest regret was not saving Tamitha. Pamitha was liberated, and while I think Tamitha's rage subsided, they never got their chance to reconcile.

That song at the end was great. I'd love it if Supergiant let you fill in some sort of form with your characters end points to download "your" version of the credits song.

What big moments stand out to you, good or bad?

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