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    Lead a band of exiles through an ancient competition in the third game from Supergiant Games.

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    Half space basketball, Half visual novel. A game that is strictly better as a visual novel. 0

    Pyre is the 3rd game developed by indie-hit developer, Supergiant Games. Pyre is a strange game and can’t easily be categorized into a specific genre. Supergiant’s previous games: Bastion and Transistor both tread familiar grounds, with the first being an action game and the latter being an action strategy hybrid. Pyre, on the other hand, feels like a mad scientist’s experiment. Pyre is a mix between a sports game with a visual novel. Unfortunately while I admire Supergiant&rsq...

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    Beautifully Cohesive 0

    Curator Page:'s been a long time since I've played a game whose elements come together as beautifully as Pyre's do.The music, the story, the gameplay. They don't feel like disjointed pieces, but rather one singular entitiy that all move towards the game's vision.Pyre is an arcade-style basketball like sports game, paired with a visual novel set in a fantasy RPG setting. It's weird, but in the right way.For my full thoughts, check out the video re...

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    Actual fantasy sports and visual novels come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience 0

    Supergiant Games, with their third game since bursting on to the scene in 2011, are proving themselves to have all the best qualities of the greatest artists in any medium. They constantly reinvent themselves and their games, jumping from one genre to another, leaving them better than when they found them, all the while containing a distinct and unmistakable style that obviously connects their disparate games as one impressive body of work. Whether it's the art style, the music and sound, the cl...

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    It's not Space Jam, but it still has basically Jordan-esque Half Court Space 0

    For a game that dips its toes into a handful of genres, some of which I would never have considered my cup of tea, I walked away from this game joyfully surprised. Between the amazing soundtrack, tantalizing art design, and a core gameplay mechanic that I ended up really digging (I mean, who can resist celestial orb b-ball!?), I was able to not only tolerate but at times enjoy the text-heavy parts of the game.Super Giant Games do a lovely job crafting characters that are both visually and narrat...

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    Game stressed me out but glad I played it 0

    I didn't have a good first impression of this game but I pushed on much the same as previous Supergiant games and by the end I very much enjoyed the game.Playing this on PC I started with KB+M, what a mistake, this game probably has the worst KB button layout I've ever experienced, once I switched to a controller it was much better.I hate sports games as a rule and I really wasn't expecting what this game had to offer, despite the rites being fairly easy they were incredibly stressful. Much the ...

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