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Game stressed me out but glad I played it

I didn't have a good first impression of this game but I pushed on much the same as previous Supergiant games and by the end I very much enjoyed the game.

Playing this on PC I started with KB+M, what a mistake, this game probably has the worst KB button layout I've ever experienced, once I switched to a controller it was much better.

I hate sports games as a rule and I really wasn't expecting what this game had to offer, despite the rites being fairly easy they were incredibly stressful. Much the same as previous games once you get the hang of it the game really opens up to many strategies and the upgrade/progression system makes things exciting through the end.

Great world and characters, extremely creative, reminded me a bit of Star Control in that regard and that's a very good thing. I loved the artwork.

Great voice acting, just wish there was more of it, this game is fairly heavy on the reading, some games are well suited to a lot of reading but I felt the hectic action of the rites broken up with long sections of reading made the game not flow very well.

The book was a bit of a drag, too much text that didn't seem relevant to what I was doing in the game, I had hoped that text in the book would lead me to secrets or give some sort of guidance but I never got anything meaningful out of it and towards the middle I just stopped reading it.

Lots of player choices made throughout the game not sure if any of them made a lick of difference in the end.

Skimming over this sounds like I hated it, I really didn't, it's caught me by surprise and it's not the type of game I'd usually play but once I got the hang of it, the game really grew on me.

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