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Python was one of Snake's trusted war buddied back in Vietnam. He was later turned into an 'Anti-Snake' soldier and was fought as a boss in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. He is also a recruitable soldier in Portable Ops and Portable Ops .

Pre-Portable Ops
Python fought with Naked Snake in Vietnam together. Python was Snake's trusted friend and he believed he could always count on during battle. During a covert operation, Python lost the ability to regulate his body temperature after an injury and Snake presumed him to be dead.

Python was recovered by the United States government half-dead and underwent surgery to fit his body with a cooling system, including small metal tubes on his head which aided with the release of body head. He was also equipped with a special suit filled with liquid nitrogen. Years as a soldier had also left him as an excellent marksman, specialising in assault rifles. After recovering Python was trained by the CIA as an 'Anti-Snake' weapon.

San Hieroynmo Takeover
Python was a countermeasure, should Big Boss ever betray the US Government, Python was trained to be a nemesis for Snake, with the potential to match Big Boss toe to toe.

Like Null, Python however formed an obsession to outperform and defeat Big Boss. He was regularly sent asassinations whilst on stand-by, but the assassinations caused nightmares about the targets killed despite the brainwashing he underwent after each mission. Much like Null, this drove his ambition to best Big Boss further.


  • The unique colour of Python's FOX Sneaking Suit is light blue.
  • The metal tubes on his head give Python a resemblance to Pinhead from the Hellraiser Series
  • Python comes with Liquid Nitrogen Grenades permenantly in his inventory. They can be used to freeze enemies weapons.
  • The player can choose to kill Python or recruit him. If the player defeats him via non-lethal methods they can recruit him into their force and are treated to a special cut scene. If they kill him the standard death cutscene shows. Python's true fate is unknown, but it can be assumed that since he does not appear in later titles, Python was killed or refused to join FOXHOUND when Big Boss formed it.

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