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    Q-Bee is a character from Capcom’s Darkstalkers fighting game series. Q-Bee is Soul Bee born in Makai (the demon world). Q-Bee and her race gather souls to satisfy the hunger of the colony and their queen.

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    Aliases: Queen Bee
    Birthdate: Unknown
    Birthplace: Maikai, the land of the Dohma Family
    Race: Soul Bee
    Height: 4'1" (124 cm)
    Weight: 84 lbs (38.2 kg)

    Game Biographies

    Darkstalkers 3
    No Caption Provided

    The Ghastly Insect

    Personal Quote:

    Your soul looks tasty.


    Q-bee is the leader of the Soul Bee Tribe and works with Jedah to collect souls. She instinctively leads her swarm to the honey of life - enough to satisfy any appetite.


    Q-bee being an insect uses many attacks one would see within the insect kingdom including the ability of flight, which is seen in her Dark Force and hover. Often times Q-bee will use her stingers , one of which comes out of her elbows or extends from her knees. She can also morph her hand into a pincher and swing at her prey and enemies. In her ex move Qj she projects a bouncing bubble of honey that traps the opponent and allowing her to go in for the kill. Q-bee can also command smaller bees; whether she transforms her hand into a wasps nest and ejects them or in her EX move B where, bees swarm and sting the enemy.


    Darkstalkers Series
    In Darkstalkers, Q-bee makes her first appearance in Vampire Savior or Darkstalkers 3. She later appears in Darkstalkers: The Chaos Tower and Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection which was released in Japan only. Q-bee

    Other Appearances
    Namco x Capcom
    Namco x Capcom
    Outside of Darkstalkers, Q-bee also appears in SNK vs Capcom Card Clash series. She also appears in Namco x Capcom which was only released in Japan. In Namco x Capcom Q-bee or "Q-bees" are enemies.


    Darkstalkers 3 Win Quotes
    Do you need more love?
    Do you need more love?
    • I can eat anything to survive, but you shall be a treat!
    • I can see your flower... It's time to pollinate.
    • I want everything... Everything inside your body!
    • It will be fun to play with your body.
    • Let's stick together until I'm full, shall we?
    • Mmm... Smells good... It smells like honey.
    • My mission is to increase the number of my people!
    • My sting wont hurt. It'll just kill ya.
    • Shall I give you more love?
    • The market value of your soul lies within its taste!
    • Which part of you do you want me to eat first?
    • Why are you so afraid? You can be one of us.
    • You must be very nutritional, or at least good roughage!
    • You'll only feel a prickle. Don't be afraid...
    • Yummy yum yummy... It's good for my tummy!

    Anakaris' Special Boss Confrontation
    Anakaris' special boss fight in Darkstalkers 3 is against Q-bee. During this confrontation Q-bee is the only one who talks.
    • Q-bee: This world collapses. There will be no food.
    • Q-bee: I can't stand it. I'll die of hunger.
    • Q-bee: I must gather food now...
    • Q-bee: Are you nutritional or poisonous? Let's find out!

    Endings and Special Confrontations

    Darkstalkers 3 Special Confrontation
    Q-bee's special confrontation is against Anakaris. To achieve this you must defeat 3 opponents without loosing any rounds and finish those rounds with an EX move.

    • Anakaris: Who are you? You are not qualified to act as lord.
    • Anakaris: There can be only one lord in this world.
    • Anakaris: Only Anakaris is qualified to lead people. Now kneel!
    Darkstalkers 3 Boss Confrontation
    Q-bee's boss fight in Darkstalkers 3 is against Jedah.

    • Jedah: Welcome to my spirit room.
    • Jedah: This world is doomed... I set this stage up to relieve it.
    • Jedah: You've done a good job for my little insect...
    • Jedah: Now its time to rest peacefully... inside me..."
    Darkstalkers 3 Ending
    She needs to generate
    She needs to generate
    • Jedah: You... Why have you interfered with me...
    • Jedah: I had almost completed... my perfect world!!"
    • Q-bee: I hear a voice that says 'Generate and prosper...' "
    • Jedah: You're just an insect at heart. You can never understand me!!
    • As their number kept increasing explosively...
    • They built a huge empire at the center of the demon world
    • Will their invasion of the demon world ever end?"
    • What will it ultimately lead to for them?
    • Are they doomed because of over population!?


    • Although Q-bee only makes a few buzzying noises, she is voiced by Miyuki Matsushita in Darkstalkers 3.
    • Q-bee is the shortest playable character in the Darkstalkers series.
    • Q-bee may be the most unintelligent of playable characters in Darkstalkers, as the Soul Bee race are only as intelligent as a 4 or 5 year old.

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