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Q is one of the fighters to be added in the Street Fighter III series, specifically in the final entry Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. With his true identity not revealed, Q has been in a long chase from the CIA.

Q was believed to appear in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and would later be removed in future games.
Q was believed to appear in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and would later be removed in future games.

Players identify Q as a tall man with most of his body covered by a brown trench coat and gloves; similar to that of stereotypical detective attire. To further add concealment, Q also wears a hat and an full headed iron mask with yellow eyes. While some aspects of Q show flesh and skin, some of Q's motions and moves resemble robotic like actions. Q's design seem to resemble elements to many different fiction including "Robot Detective K," "H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man," and superheroes "Question" and "Mr. A."

Q's behavior is unusual as he performs simple grunts and mumbling (supported by either elliptical or simple phrases) while having a strong and aggressive playstyle.

Primarily a character in 3rd Strike, Q has been rumored to appear in other Street Fighter media including being part in Ken Masters' stage in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition.


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Q has been feared by many people appearing in many places all around the world. He has been sighted during the third World Warriors tournament witnessing other fighters as well as appearing in crime scene photographs. It's been believed that Q could have been the perpetrator of the crimes while some claim that he is investigating the scenes. The CIA hot on their trail question if there are multiple Qs.

When Q defeats his enemies, he chooses either to see them and then leave the fighting zone or attempt to crush their head. Those actions are determined randomly. If a player endures 8 fights without losing a single round, they can combat Q.


Q's advantage above all characters in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is his high defensive capabilities. At the start of a round, Q has very large vitality which can increase after every taunt culminating to having the top out of all characters. Q's trade off is that he is a very slow character.

Special moves

Q performing a
Q performing a "Dashing Head Attack" against Makoto in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Similar to Balrog, Q can perform a powerful charge attack called the "Dashing Head Attack" which can allow super cancels. A command grab called the "Capture and Deadly Blow" allows air juggling combo opportunities.

Super Arts

Q performing his
Q performing his "Total Destruction" in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

An extension of the Dashing Head Attack is the "Critical Combo Attack" which pushes the opponent across the screen while dealing a large amount of damage. The "Deadly Double Combination" has Q perform a stopping stomach blow and then hitting the opponent to the ground strong enough that it sends them into the air for an optional special attack. The final Super Art "Total Destruction" has Q activate a personal explosive device and when grabbed, the explosion inflicts a strong amount of damage.

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