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    Qeynos is one of the primary cities in both EverQuest and EverQuest II. It is often referred to as the pinnacle of human civilization in the world of Norrath.

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    Overview (EverQuest)

    North Qeynos Gates
    North Qeynos Gates

    Qeynos is the beacon of human civilization in the world of Norrath. It is on these shores that the first men and women established themselves after leaving the frozen northlands. The humans, and erudites for that matter, evolved from the barbarians of Everfrost. The city is ruled by the Bayle family, for it was Antonius Bayle I who led the fledgling human race successfully against the plagues of Bertoxxulous so long ago. While Qeynos is predominantly a human city, any good-natured people of Norrath are welcome. The dark elves, trolls, and ogres of the world will be killed on sight, unless by some miracle they have killed enough gnolls or otherwise proven their worth to the city.

    North Qeynos is a sight for sore eyes of those travelers that have made the long trek from Freeport. Virtually anything you could need in terms of weapons, armor, tradeskill supplies, or ale can be found within the walls of Qeynos. The northern part of the city is where one can find the guild houses for the clerics, paladins, and monks of western Antonica. Many of the buildings here appear very old, and that's because they are. North Qeynos is where the city was founded in 5130, then after a war which saw part of the city walls toppled, the king decided to simply expand the city. On the eastern side of town lies the Temple of Life, which includes a small pond surrounded by marble walkways. A platform will teleport clerics and paladins to a strange flying saucer that eternally hovers over the pond. Inside, the most skilled followers of Rodcet Nife offer training and supplies. On the opposite side of town, the disciples of Quellious the Tranquil, known as the Silent Fist, train in hand to hand combat. A relentless, and some would say psychotic, gnoll named Fippy Darkpaw can often be found attempting to raid the city all by himself. Seldom does he get past the front gate's guards, but he often threatens young Humans in the yard while they attempt to lean the basics against fire beetles.

    Temple of Life
    Temple of Life

    South Qeynos is the relatively new side of town. Qeynos is the pinnacle of human achievement and Antonius Bayle IV rules over much of the western half of Antonica. Antonius is loved by most of the city's citizens, but corruption by way of the Circle of the Unseen Hand seems to be slowing creeping into the city. Qeynos is by no means as taken by corruption as Freeport, but Antonius' younger brother Kane is believed by many to be planning to usurp the king. Rumor has it that a guild hall for rogues of the Unseen Hand lies somewhere inside the Crow's Nest tavern. The docks of South Qeynos bring peaceful adventurers back and forth from Odus, but the steep cliffs of the shore make the city impenetrable to attack by sea. Dozens of tents scatter the open plaza where merchants from around the world offer all kinds of wares. Near the center of town, human warriors can be found training to join Bayle's army on the blood soaked Grounds of Fate. Protected by thick walls in the northeast side of the city is the bank, which is neighbored by several colorful guild houses featuring the human's greatest minds who teach the skills of enchanting, wizardry, and summoning to young humans. Near the gates to North Qeynos is a large blue building where music pours out of the large doors around the clock as bard sing tales about "The Great Unifier," the first Antonius Bayle.

    Qeynos Catacombs may appear to simply be the means of supplying the great human city with fresh water, but many dangers lie beneath the streets. A temple has been built down here for worshippers of Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer. A cult of human necromancers and shadow knights practice the dark arts here accompanied with an evil legion of clerics, warriors, and casters. Their plans are secret, but do bode well for the city. The Acqueducts can be reached either from an underwater entrance near the Qeynos docks, a secret passage outside the gates of North Qeynos, or though one of the various drains about the city. Graffiti on the walls warn trespassers of the evils that lie within. Aside from Plaguebringers cult, many creatures inhabit the murky waters including sharks that have moved in from the nearby ocean.

    Neighboring Zones

    Starting City


    • Antonius Bayle
    • Bloodsabers
    • Circle of Unseen Hands
    • Corrupt Qeynos Guards
    • Guards of Qeynos
    • Kane Bayle
    • Karana Residents
    • Knights of Thunder
    • Merchants of Qeynos
    • Priests of Life
    • Silent Fist Clan
    • Steel Warriors

    Guild Halls

    Guild HallClassGuildmasterChurch
    Circle of Unseen HandsRoguesHanns Krieghor
    The Hall of SorceryEnchanters, Magicians, WizardsGahlith Wrannstad (WIZ)
    Kinloc Flamepaw (MAG)
    Mespha Tevalian (ENC)
    The Hall of SteelWarriorsEbon Strongbear
    Order of the Silent FistMonksTogahn Sorast
    Temple of BertoxxulousClerics, Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers,
    Shadow Knights, Warriors, Wizards
    Bruax Grengar (NEC)
    Perkon Malok (MAG)
    Reania Jukle (ENC)
    Rihtur Fullome (CLR)
    Rocthar Bekesna (WAR)
    Sragg Bloodheart (SK)
    Trenon Callust (WIZ)
    Temple of LifeClerics, PaladinsCamlend Serbold (PAL)
    Priestess Jahnda (CLR)
    Rodcet Nife
    Temple of ThunderClerics, PaladinsRenic Losaren (CLR)
    Runethar Hamest (PAL)
    The Wind Spirit's SongBardsBelious Naliedin

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Bag n' Barrel (S)BagsPottery Wheel, Kiln
    Blue Tents (S)Weapons, Leather Armor, Ringmail Armor,
    Cloth Armor, Shields, Bags
    The Cobbler (N)Boots
    Crow's Pub & Casino (N)AlcoholBrew Barrel
    Fharn's Leather & Thread (S)Leather ArmorTailoring
    Fireprides (S)Plate Armor, Chain Armor, Leather Armor, ShieldsSmithingForge
    Fish's Ale (S)AlcoholBrew Barrel
    The Herb Jar (S)Potions, SpellsAlchemy
    Ironforge Estate (N)Weapons, ArmorSmithingForge
    The JewelboxJewelry
    Lion's Mane Inn (S)AlcoholBrew Barrel, Loom
    Mermaid's Lure (S)Fishing
    Nesiff's Wooden Weapons (S)Blunt Weapons, BowsFletchingRoyal Qeynos Forge
    Port Authority (S)Fish, Spells, Instruments
    Qeynos Hold (S)Bank
    Sneed Galliway's Trading Post (N)Food, Water, General Supplies
    Temple of Life Repository (N)Weapons, Spells
    Tin Soldier (S)Chain ArmorSmithingForge
    Voldeen's Fine Baked Goods (S)Food, WaterBrewing, BakingOven


    Notable NPCs

    Fippy Darkpaw tries to raid the city alone...again.
    Fippy Darkpaw tries to raid the city alone...again.

    Overview (EverQuest II)

    Qeynos at Dawn
    Qeynos at Dawn

    After the Age of Cataclysms, Qeynos is one of the last two remaining cities in the known world. The city has become a safe haven for all of the good-natured people of Norrath that survived The Shattering. Refugees from scattered tiny islands throughout the sea are brought here to restart their lives in the broken world. Qeynos has grown a great deal over the 500 years since the Age of Turmoil, and there are now many separate districts designed to make the many races of Norrath feel at home.



    • Qeynos is 'Sony EQ' spelled backwards.

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