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    QIX++ is a 2009 remake of the 1981 Taito arcade game QIX.

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    QIX++ is a remake of the classic Taito arcade game QIX. The player, through the use of the 'marker', must draw lines inside the screen to enclose 75% or more of the playing field, while at the same time dodging the QIX and Sparx which seek to disrupt the player's drawing or movement. 
    QIX++ is divided into two sections of eight levels each.  All levels feature the same gameplay, however the placement of bonus blocks and, more importantly, the behaviour of the QIX is altered.  After completing a level, you are assigned a both point score as well as a number of points to assign.  These points allow to 'level up' certain stats for the duration of the current game. 


    • Shield - increases the number of times which the marker can be damaged by the QIX or Sparx.
    • Speed - increases the movement speed of the marker
    • Cutter - increases the speed with which the marker's line 'cuts' through the playing field
    • Luck - supposedly benefits the player in indeterminate ways.

    QIX++ is probably named in reference to either the postfix increment operator in C-derived programming languages, or for the similarly-derived C++ programming language.


    In the near future, computers and networking have invaded every aspect of life. In light of this, the consequences of "cybercrimes" can be quite heinous, and capital punishment is considered necessary to prevent them. Eventually these incidents become very few in number, until the QIX show up.
    In order to deal with the QIX menace, humanity discovers that trapping them in a tiny segment of cyberspace will make it easy to send a special program to destroy the nefarious virus. However the QIX do not take this sitting down, and when trapped, they begin to resist violently and evolve to become even more dangerous. This is where the hero of the game comes in, to control the program that traps the QIX to facilitate their destruction.

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