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Dark and bleak sometimes never gets old. 0

There is a vast amount of games that explore the realms of the future and a large percentage of them usually fancy themselves as dark and bleak. While the WWII and Star Wars pile of games showcase their superiority in numbers, they show no signs of stopping nor people discussing the tiresome monotony of it all. The atmosphere I'm talking about specifically is featured in the game Quake 4. Its apocalyptic, its war torn, its full of death, and most of all it's damn fun. Despite this morbid repres...

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A Flashlight on a Gun? What a concept. 0

Quake 4 may remind you of another famous Id Software game, ever heard of Doom 3? Well Quake 4 uses the Doom 3 engine so it looks a lot similar to the latest addition to that legendary franchise. The graphics are pretty much exaclty the same. I had to keep some of the settings low so I don't know what it would look like on a top of the line system, but I bet it would look fantastic since it looked very good on my system. The only thing you'd notice is some pixelation when you're looking at someth...

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A Lively Sequel To Id's Ultraviolent FPS Series 0

Activision have been a little pathetic with their releases at the Xbox 360 launch, as both Gun and Tony Hawk's American Wastleland are both direct ports of their 128 Bit console equivalents. Although they can at least hold their heads up high for filling the void of the mandatory launch shooter for the console as well. And while it's no Timesplitters or Halo, both of which are known for being landmark launch shooters, it is a sequel to one of id Software's most precious Ips, Quake. This ...

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