so apparently people still play quake.

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i just started today, i totally suck at this game. :( tips?

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AaronBelfast said:
elaborate? its like once they see me im instantly killed. im okay with quake 3, but this game is just nuts.
also im playing through ezquake, are there any setting i should change that might make it easier?
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Shape up or ship out

But seriously, you just have to practice. It's all about being quick and predicting your enemy. It's not a very deep game in terms of strategy. You'll pick up everything you need to know with experience.

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stop playing mmorpgs.

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Lingxor said:
"stop playing mmorpgs.
dont see how this is useful but thanks for the bump.
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Yea Im a Q3 veteran myself. Its kinda hard to go back to Q1 after that: Its all about timing and twitchy reflexes. Go and watch some recorded "demos" of Pros playing and learn from the best. fish around on community sites.

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1. use ctrl and arrows.
2. strafe in and out of walls
3. dont use rockets or grenade launcher in close distances.

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I have Quake on my iPhone. It's pretty dang hard to control.

However hopping into Quake multiplayer at this point will just end in you getting beat over and over again.

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dude just use mouselook (type +mlook in console) with a crosshair (type crosshair 1) and the game becomes more manageable in regards to control.  I've had a blast and coming straight from Doom to Quake, my ass was severely handed to me but I toughed it out and I got used to it.  Stupid Shamblers, I hate Shamblers.

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