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Hey guys i saw that Quake had a franchise sale going on today and since i was somewhat young at the time they came out i never got to play any of them. So i wanted to ask you guys if it is worth it buying Quake one, two, or three instead of just playing that free online version? And if i were to buy any of these on Steam which ones should i get?

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@thoseposers: Probably not, if you actually want to play them. But as a fan I'd want everyone to own at least Quake 1 and Quake 3. ;)

There are still people playing QW (Quake 1) every night in Europe and it's still a great game, but you would die all the time and most likely not enjoy playing it.

No idea about Q2.

Quake Live is basically Q3, except that the best maps are missing. But at least you've got people playing Quake Live.. Quake 3 is dead as far as I know.

Edit: Oh right, Quake 1 and 2 do have singleplayer campaigns, maybe those would be interesting to see for you. And Quake 3 does have a singleplayer mode too, but it's called Quake 3 "Arena" for a reason.. there's no real story, just single maps against bots. You can get that with Quake Live for free though.

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