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Quake Review 0

First game review...wooh.So when it comes to first person shooters, I think the granddaddy of the genre is I.D Software's Doom. But it was the next game, Quake, released in 1996 (The year before I was born) that really shaped the Genre for the 90s and it still remains the hardcore ionic examples of old school first person Shooters. The story in alot of ways is a retelling of Doom and in alot of ways you can look at it as a Spiritual Sequel. Instead of a portal to hell we get slip gates to alter...

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Too Little Too Late 0

 Undeterred by being released two years too late, Midway finally releases the famous PC shooter Quake on Nintendo 64. It's the same gory and action packed shooter of 1996, with tons of guns of find, enemies to kill and levels to explore. If you take into consideration that we've now seen Goldeneye, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and more recently Unreal on PC then Quake looks a little stale. With that been said, Quake on Nintendo 64 is an impressive conversion and this is evident in the game's vi...

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Missing some content. 0

I originally wrote this for my Amazon review.Quake 64 is a really weird port. It's missing some of the best levels from the base game. There's no Grisly Grotto, specifically, which means there's no secret exit to the Well of Wishes, which means the Dopefish secret is straight up gone.The difficulty and episode selection hub that is somewhat synonymous with the game is also gone. You pick your difficulty from a menu, and the game drops you into E1M1. Progression is entirely linear, from one leve...

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The best first person shooter ever. 0

The single player is great and has a lot of interesting levels.  But let's talk about the most amazing part, the multiplayer.  This game was great in deathmatch as well as any of the other mods that were created.  Stuff like Threewave CTF, and The original Team Fortress  Amazing!...

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