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    Quan Chi

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    Quan Chi is a demonic sorcerer from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

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    Quan Chi outsmarted Netherrealm lord Shinnok by giving him a fake powerful amulet. Wisely, Quan Chi retained the real amulet and, at the right time, destroyed Shinnok. After betraying his "boss", Quan Chi revealed to Scorpion (a warrior spectre) that it was indeed him and not his long time rival Sub-Zero who murdered his family. The mighty sorcerer attempted to send the spectre to Netherrealm, but just before Scorpion was transported there, he grabbed Quan Chi and soon both were transported to the demonic realm. In Netherrealm, Quan Chi was able to escape Scorpion's rage and make a pact with two Onis - Moloch and Drahmin - to serve the sorcerer as bodyguards and protect him from the ruthless Scorpion.

    After escaping Netherrealm with an ancient portal activated by Quan Chi's amulet and the assistance of Drahmin and Moloch -Who held back Scorpion from finishing Quan Chi-, Quan Chi unknowingly found himself in an ancient tomb that had held for hundreds of years the mummified army of the former Outworld ruler, Onaga, better known as the Dragon King. After making this discovery, Quan Chi found the close-to-death sorcerer, Shang Tsung. Quan Chi gave Shang Tsung enough power to stand and then left Tsung. In Outworld, Quan Chi regrouped with the two Onis after they escaped Scorpion back at Netherrealm. Shang Tsung then appeared to make the sorcerer who helped him an offer he couldn't refuse. Shang Tsung offered Quan Chi an alliance to bring Earthrealm, Outworld and all the other realms to their knees. Quan Chi accepted knowing that with Shang Tsung's power he could revive the mummified army of the Dragon King.

    The Deadly Alliance was born.

    The almighty Deadly Alliance was able to finish the only two beings who could stop them... Shao Khan and Liu Kang. The first to taste the Deadly Alliance's wrath was the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Khan. Then came the Mortal Kombat champion, Liu Kang. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung killed them both. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung's alliance then became a threat to all realms. All of Earthrealm's warriors died in their attempt to stop the evil alliance. It fell to Raiden to betray the Elder God's wishes not to interfere in the tournament and, alone, challenge the two sorcerers. Raiden fought valiantly but it wasn't enough against the two sorcerers' might and the Thunder God was soon defeated. The Deadly Alliance seemed truly unstoppable. Only one thing was able to tear apart the alliance; each others greed.

    The successful Deadly Alliance was history.

    Quan Chi won the fight against his former partner Shang Tsung. The Dragon King returned to Outworld in search of Quan Chi's amulet allied once more with Shang Tsung. To the surprise of all, and in a twist so ridiculous it could only work in a video game, Raiden joined them to take on the former Outworld Emperor Onaga. The Highly Improbable Alliance was ultimately unsuccessful, with Raiden making a suicide attack on the Dragon King. Raiden's attack destroyed all that was in its way including the two sorcerers save for Onaga. Since then, the status of Quan Chi remains unknown.

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Quan Chi resurrects Sindel as Noob stands guard.
    Quan Chi resurrects Sindel as Noob stands guard.

    Quan Chi plays a major part in the 2011 retelling of Mortal Kombat. He is often seen beside Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn and usually has something to do with the major plot points of the story. Quan Chi is responsible for framing the Lin Kuei in the deaths of the entire Shirai Ryu clan. He is also responsible for resurrecting Sindel.

    At the end of the story after Raiden defeats Shao Kahn, Quan Chi is seen standing nearby talking to an image of Shinnok revealing that Quan Chi has been working towards the goal of bringing Shinnok back to conquer Earthrealm and Outworld.

    Mortal Kombat Legacy

    Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat Legacy
    Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat Legacy

    Quan Chi appears in episode 9 in season one of Mortal Kombat Legacy. This episode retells how Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei allegedly killed all of the Shirai Ryu. Sub-Zero kills Scorpion and reveals himself as being Quan Chi in disguise. Quan Chi (played by MIchael Rogers) offers Scorpion life and revenge against the Lin Kuei if he will fight for Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat.


    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2002) (non-canon)

    The Deadly Alliance has succeeded in resurrecting the Dragon King's invincible army. As the last of the soldiers revived, Quan Chi closes his portal to the heavens, thus ending Shang Tsung's supply of limitless souls. Quan Chi then mutinies, turning Kano against Shang Tsung, through a weapon attack. As the sorceror lays dying, his souls he consumed flies about the room. No longer useful, Quan Chi kills Kano, but a soul shoots into Kano. To Quan Chi's surprise and horror, in Kano's body, Liu Kang has finally come back to life.

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006) (non-canon)

    Victory over Blaze amplifies Quan Chi's sorcery beyond his imagination, but also destroys his amulet. Furious, he attempts to attack the Heavens as well as Argus and the Elder Gods. The quest was all but a trap to pinpoint the disruptions in the realms. The Elder Gods transform Quan Chi into an amulet and send him back to when Shinnok first discovered it.

    Mortal Kombat (2011) (non-canon?)

    WIth nothing to stand in his way, Quan Chi grows the Brotherhood of Shadow and used the souls of those who died fighting for Earthrealm to resurrect Shinok, the fallen Elder God. Shinok repays Quan Chi's deed by ordering him executed, fearing a challenger to his rule. Quan Chi had planned for Shinnok's betrayal and orders a resurrected Shao Kahn to strike down the God. "Quan Chi forgives betrayal from no one. Not even a God."


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