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    Quarbani Singh

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    Quarbani Singh is a character in Far Cry 2. He can be played as, or he can be found as a buddy when you're playing as a different character.

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    Singh served 14 years in the Mauritius National Police, including several paramilitary rotations in the Special Mobile Force (SMF), where he received training in France and India. In the mid-‘90s Singh was hired by a Kenyan rail services company as a security officer during a spate of freight hijackings near the Somali Border. Frustrated in the lack of progress in curtailing pirate activity in the Horn of Africa, and under increasing pressure from his employers, he assembled several off-the-books troubleshooting teams, drawing mainly from former Kenyan, Indian and South African military and police; throughout 2001 they conducted black bag operations in Somalia, Madagascar, Yemen, Sudan, and International Waters. In 2005 Singh took a new contract as a security coordinator for the Red Crescent (Red Cross) that lasted 18 months. He later obtained a security contract escorting medical teams from the AU (African Union) across the country in which the civil war was about to take place. This lasted several months before the war broke out, and he turned to independent contracting.  

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