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Quarries of Scred revolves around the misfortunes of Bob the Digger. Bob has unfortunately binged too much on spaceheroin, and now has outlandish debts to pay with the local spacedrugdealers. As a result, he has been forced to enter the Quarries of Scred and brave the Ranklers, rockslides, and other threats.

Quarries of Scred can be found on, its page, and via indiegamestand.


The player must acquire enough credits to purchase a teleporter access pass and escape. In order to do so, the player will need to dig out ore & gems, then refine them at the relevant buildings on the surface.


The game features a number of buildings on the Surface of Scred:

  • Dirt Refinery: refines dirt (ore), though the amount given per dirt unit varies depending upon the seed (map).
  • Gem Refinery: refines gems into credits for a set amount.
  • Tech Shop: retails differing tech items (of which, Bob can hold one at a time). Purchasing a new item renders the old one vaporised.
  • Teleporter Pad: allows the player to purchase a teleporter pass and complete the game.
  • Demo Shop: retails explosive mines and the mine layer tech item.

Game Modes

QoS features a number of game modes:

  • Standard
  • Darkness: the player can only see in a small light radius around themselves. Additional items (flares) can be purchased and dropped in order to light the rest of the quarry.
  • 60 second challenge: Limits the game to sixty seconds as a time trial.
  • 120 second challenge: Limits the game to 2 mins, and provides the player with a large number of drones (extra lives) as a time trial.

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