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so ive just finished QUBE.. i really enjoyed it and as i said in another topic, the estimate of 3,5 hours to finish is about right..

i have encountered 4 bugs in the entire game.. one was where the green ball rolled through a yellow block and got stuck half way into the block, in one of the later puzzles i was on top of a jumping block and one of the walls was turning and i got stuck myself and had to ctrl+alt+del my way out of the game, and at one point i wanted to drop a green cube onto the yellow blocks sticking out of a wall and the cube fell trough when the yellow block was 1 thick, but not when it was 3 thick.. these are some minor issues, but the achievements dont seem to work very well. like i said i have finished the game and went trough the end scene and even the credits and i still didnt get:

Sector 3, Completed

Tough Going Part 1

Tough Going Part 2



which seems weird....

am i missing something here? are there "secret" puzzles somewhere? or are these actually bugged and i just didnt get them?

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