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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 15, 2009

    "Qubed" a compilation disc of three previously released Xbox Live Arcade games: "Lumines Live!", "Every Extend Extra Extreme", and "Rez HD".

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    Lumines Live! comes packed with a number of premium downloadable add-ons. They are (with Xbox LIVE Marketplace price as of 9/20/2009);

    • Advance Challenge Pack (600 MSP)
    • Rockin' Holiday Pack (400 MSP)
    • VS CPU Pack (300 MSP)
    • Puzzle/Mission Pack Puzzle (300 MSP)
    • Tokyo Club Mix Pack (350 MSP)
    • Heavenly Star Skin (no longer available)
    • Breeze Skin (no longer available)

    The only Lumines Live! downloadable add-on not on-disc is the Booster Pack (600 MSP).

    Both Every Extend Extra Extreme and Rez HD do not yet have any downloadable content.

    In total, buying each game and piece of downloadable content available on disc would cost 4350 MSP, or around $54 USD, a significant cost difference to the $19.99 USD MSRP on Qubed.


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