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    Queen Brahne

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    From Final Fantasy IX, Princess Garnet's mother and Queen of Alexandria.

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    Queen Brahne is one of the major antagonists of Final Fantasy IX.  She is ruler of the kingdom of Alexandria, and mother of Garnet Til Alexandros XVII.

    Once a kind and respected ruler, Brahne became a power-hungry warlord after her husband had passed away.  She was manipulated by Kuja into unleashing the Eidolons onto the world.  The first country to suffer Brahne's power was Burmecia, where both the city Burmecia and tunnel system Gizamaluke's Grotto were completely cleared out and destroyed. The party encounters Alexandrian General Beatrix.  Later, Brahne attacks Cleyra, with her army of female warriors killing many of the residents.  Beatrix battled them again here.  Brahne eventually kidnapped her daughter and was able to extract the ability of summoning from her body.  With the power of summoning, Brahne used Odin to obliterate Cleyra, where the survivors of Burmecia had hidden away.  This marks a major turning point in the game, showing the true might of Eidolons. Later on, as Garnet is rescued from Alexandria, they arrive to Lindblum, just as it is being attacked. Brahne's Black Mages terrorized the city, before the Eidolon Atomos was summoned, destroying a large portion of the city, and causing a surrender from Regent Cid.

    Brahne quickly turned on Kuja, and declared war on her once-friend, wanting all the power on Gaia for herself.  She summoned Bahamut to kill the mysterious man, but he turned the power against her with the Invincible, destroying her fleet with her own Eidolon.  She was found, still alive, by Garnet on a nearby beach.  With her final breath, she reminisced over her happiest moment -- watching a play with her husband and Garnet.  Her body was taken back to Alexandria, where her people remembered her fondly despite her actions. She is then replaced by her daughter as Queen, passing Alexandria on to a new regime.


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