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    Queen Elizabeth

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    Queen Elizabeth reigned as Queen of England for 45 years and is considered one of its greatest monarchs.

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    Elizabeth Tudor was born at Greenwich Palace, on the 7th of september 1533. Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth acceded to the crown of England in 1558 following the death of her half-sister Mary and was crowned the following year at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth is famous for overseeing a number of large developments in English culture and expansion, as well as the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Sometimes referred to as "The Virgin Queen", Elizabeth never married and died at Richmond Palace in 1603, aged 69.


    Elizabeth I has featured most often in Sid Meier's Civilization series as a leader of the English. Typically her traits in the central set of games have been reflections of what characterised her reign such as commerce and naval power/expansion.
    Traits / Bonuses / Special Units
    Civilization III
    • Traits: Expansionist, Commercial.
    • Special Unit: Man-o-War (replaces the Frigate unit).
    Civilization IV
    • Financial: 1 Gold on resource squares of 2 Gold or more. Production doubled for Banks.
    • Philosophical: 100% increase in chance of great people. Production doubled for Universities.
    • Special Unit: Redcoat (replaces the Rifleman unit).
    • Special Building: Stock Market (replaces Bank building).
    Civilization Revolution
    • Starting Tech: Monarchy
    • Special Units: Longbow Archer, Lancaster Bomber, Spitfire.
    • Era Bonuses: 1 Longbow Archer Defence (Ancient), 1 Naval Combat (Medieval), 1 Hills Production (Industrial), x2 Naval Support (Modern).
    Civilization V
    • Sun Never sets: All naval units have 2 movement.
    • Special Units: Ship of the Line, Longbowman.

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