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The queen acts as a support since is does not have any primary attacks. It is a very quick unit and it is often seen located at bases. Its main abilities are:

  • Parasite - Grants the ability to drop a small parasite on an unsuspecting unit and gives a full view of what that unit can see. Perfect for spying on other bases. If a detector unit has the parasite, then it would be able to use the ability to detect any cloaked or burrowed units.
  • Ensnare - Spits out a green goo at a given radius which would slow any units that get caught. It also reveals any units that are cloaked or burrowed.
  • Spawn Broodlings - Spawns two broodlings that last for 3 minutes and kills the unit in the process. Can only be used on any ground biological units and also includes Seige tanks.
  • Infest Terran Command Center - It can infest a damaged Command Center and can be used to create Infested Terrans




RoleHive Warden
Resources100 Minerals, 100 Gas
Supply2 Units
Build Time50 sec
Hit Points120
Armor0 (add 1 per Flying Carapace Upgrade)
Energy200 (add 50 with Gamete Meiosis Upgrade)
Sight Range10
Movement SpeedFast
Produced atHatchery / Lair / Hive
RequiresQueen's Nest

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