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Quelaag's Sister, also known as the Fair Lady and a Daughter of Chaos, is an NPC covenant leader in Dark Souls and a Fire Keeper. She is a sister of Chaos Witch Quelaag who resides behind an illusory wall in Quelaag's Domain, and is one of the three daughters of the Witch of Izalith who tried to escape when her mother's attempt to recreate the First Flame went horribly awry, creating the Bed of Chaos. Like her sister Quelaag, the resulting blast of Chaos magic transformed her lower body into a demonic spider, but her upper body remains intact and she appears to have retained her identity.

After climbing up through the Demon Ruins accompanied by Quelaag, she encountered Eingyi, a diseased pyromancer who had been exiled from the Great Swamp for his heresy and forced into the lower areas of Blighttown. Sensing his pain, she bit him, extracting the Blightpus from his body and taking him to safety with her. However, she was not able to overcome the effects of the Blightpus herself, which left her blind, weakened and likely crippled. Those who enter her covenant, the Chaos Servants, seek to increase their rank and gain rewards by offering Humanity to the Fair Lady in order to ease her pain.

Players normally cannot understand the Fair Lady's language, but by equipping the Old Witch's Ring, which can be acquired as a starting gift or by giving a Sunlight Maggot to Snuggly the Crow, she may be addressed directly. Due to her blindness, she mistakes the player for her sister Quelaag. While conversing with her, Quelaag's Sister discusses her and her other sisters' flight from the Demon Ruins, along with details regarding her current state of health.

Guarding her room is the egg-bearer Eingyi, one of the grateful humans she saved from the Blightpus; he is very protective of Quelaag's Sister and refers to her only as "Mistress" and "Fair Lady" out of reverence. Eventually through speaking with the two, it becomes evident that the Fair Lady's body is also wracked with the pain of childbirth; she is surrounded by clutches of eggs, but they are all stillborn.

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