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    A chaos witch in Dark Souls.

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    In Dark Souls, Quelana is one of the three Daughters of Chaos who were not entirely caught by the Bed of Chaos's power, and the only one who escaped it fully. She wanders the swamp of Blighttown, worrying about her sisters, Quelaag and the Fair Lady. The conditions required for Quelana to appear in the Blighttown swamp are not entirely clear, but upgrading your Pyromancy Flame to +10 or higher should ensure her presence.

    Quelena talks of a pupil of hers called Salaman that she trained in the arts of pyromancy 200 years prior to the events of the game. She mentions that in the players world he was called Salaman the Master Pyromancer.

    Eingyi refers to Quelana as the "inhuman witch" and states that no one has ever seen her, wondering if she is a sister of Quelaag. He mentions that if she were, her presence would greatly soothe the Fair Lady.

    Quelana does not visit her sisters as she fears the Bed of Chaos after having escaped it in the past. It pains her to see her sisters twisted by the powers of Chaos and asks to end their suffering and free their souls once and for all. Quelana states that "surely a thousand years of atonement is enough?" when speaking of her mothers misguided attempts at creating her own flame - which might mean that the age of fire has been ongoing for that many years unless she is just using a turn of phrase.

    Should the player fully upgrade their Pyromancy Flame, purchase all of her spells, and complete her request to destroy the Bed of Chaos, she will express her gratitude, then disappear from the swamp for the remainder of the playthrough.

    Pyromancies Sold

    Great Combustion5,0008
    Fire Orb8,0006
    Great Fireball20,0004
    Fire Whip10,00080
    Undead Rapport10,0007

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