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Quellious has often had struggles with Cazic-Thule, the god of fear.  Legend states that the two gods battled for an eternity over the dream realm, and when neither gained any ground, they each put forth a portion of their power, creating the twin deities of Morell-Thule of Terris-Thule.  Morell being more like his mother, seeking peaceful sleep for mortals, while Terris inherited her father's trait, seeking to instill fear in sleeping mortals through frightening nightmares.  
There is only one recorded instance of Quellious losing her temper.  A cleric from Freeport once brought his family across the Ocean of Tears to southwest Faydwer and built an estate on the edge of Dagnor's Cauldron.  From here he sought to spread the word of Quellious throughout the continent.  A Dwarf from nearby Kaladim, Garanel Rucksif, had recently gone insane, murdering his own family, and escaped the city.  He ran to the sea and discovered the cleric's estate.  The mad Dwarf murdered the peaceful man and his family.  This so enraged Quellious that she struck Garanel with a curse to spend eternity within the confines of the estate.  An Erudite priest from Paineel heard of the tale and ventured across the world to witness it himself.  The priest of Cazic-Thule found the ghost of Garanel and convinced him of a vile plan.  The Erudite exhumed the bodies of the dead family and dissected their bodies into hundreds of pieces.  He then cast a powerful spell that called upon Cazic-Thule himself.  It was so powerful that the Erudite died as a result.  The devotion led Cazic-Thule to reanimate the decayed flesh into an army of undead creatures including ghouls, festering hags, and other atrocities that haunt what was known during the Age of Turmoil as Estate of Unrest.      


Peace is the primary focus for any followers of Quellious.  Do not take them lightly though, for they will fiercely defend themselves and those they love.  Quellious' followers seek the inner peace that will teach them the true meaning of their lives and the world itself.  They believe that through the sharing of the knowledge gained through this enlightenment, peace throughout the world is obtainable.  The most common followers of Quellious are nomads, such as monks.

During the Age of Turmoil, Human monks were commonly devoted to Quellious, as were a faction of clerics and paladins from Erudin.


In most lore, Quellious the Tranquil is depicted as a peaceful child in a white robe.

Among the Pantheon

Quellious makes her home in the Plane of Tranquility.  Her plane is a nexus between many of the elemental planes, outer planes, and planes of power.  She is eternally seeking peace among the gods.  She considers Rodcet Nife and Erollisi Marr her friends, and Rallos Zek and Innoruuk her enemies.  Quellious is one of several gods who have returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.

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