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    Quest 64

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 01, 1998

    The first traditional JRPG released for the Nintendo 64, Quest 64 follows a young mage apprentice as he embarks on an adventure through the fantasy world of Celtland in search for his father.

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    Quest 64 (known in Japan as Eltale Monsters and in Europe as Holy Magic Century) is a 3D fantasy turn-based RPG developed by Imagineer and published for the Nintendo 64 in North America (by THQ on June 1, 1998), Europe (by Konami on September 30, 1998), and Japan (by Imagineer on July 9, 1999).

    Set in the fictional fantasy world of Celtland, players control young Spirit Tamer apprentice Brian as he sets off from Melrode Monastery to find his father Lord Bartholomy. Along the way, he learns that his father is searching for a thief who has stolen the sacred "Eltale Book", which in the wrong hands spells doom for the realm.

    The first traditional JRPG released for the Nintendo 64, the game features a unique battle system that takes place on the overworld, where each character can freely move around a small area around them before performing their action. It also features a unique stat experience system, where players boost Brian's strength, agility, and defense by performing certain actions in combat.

    The game later received two handheld spin-offs for the Game Boy Color: the 1999 maze game Quest: Fantasy Challenge and the 2000 RPG Quest: Brian's Journey.


    Brian traveling the overworld
    Brian traveling the overworld

    Quest 64 is considered an RPG. There is no party system or intense number crunching that is characteristic of the genre, with no reaction based gameplay in the overworld and all battles are turn based.

    There is a larger world map that offers a variety of terrain and features. Monster encounters can happen anywhere barring towns. Towns are similar to those seen in other RPGs, containing Non-Playable Characters that forward the story and flesh out the game world, and places where resources can be acquired.

    Battle System

    Brian has Hit Points and Magic Points (HP and MP) which govern his behavior in battles. Hit Points make up Brian's life, and should they be depleted, Brian will be returned to the last save (saves are made at inns) with 1 HP (HP can be recovered at the inn). Magic points allow Brian to use specific skills, and should the MP be depleted, skills cannot be used. Brian can recover MP by initiating physical attacks.

    There are four types of skills that can use and they correspond to four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Each type of skill has a variety of skills associated with them, all of which are appropriate to specific circumstances encountered in battle (distance, type of enemy, etc).

    Boss fight
    Boss fight

    Battles occur in a yellow octagon area, and should Brian move to the exterior, he will escape the battle. A blue octagon will surround Brian signaling his turn. This octagon is the area in which Brian can move during a specific turn. Upon moving, Brian can perform an action (physical attack, skill, or use of an item), and then it is the enemy's turn. They will have a blue octagon appear around them and they are restricted to their octagon much like Brian.

    Experience is accumulated through behavior in battles. This happens in three respects. When Brian attacks he increases his attack level. Agility is increased by avoiding enemy attacks, and defense is increased by being hit by enemies. Other than these three aspects there is no level up system that is found in other RPGs.


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