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    The Question is a character in the DC Universe created by Steve Ditko. The original Question, Charles Szasz, recently died of cancer. Before his death he trained Officer Renee' Montoya to be his successor. Question is set to appear in DC Universe Online.

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    The Question first appeared in 1967 in Blue Beetle issue 1 as a minor character created by famed artist and writer Steve Ditko for Charlton comics. In the 1980's D.C. Comics aquired the rights for all of the Charlton characters , it was then that writer Dennis O'Neil and artist  Denys Cowan reworked the character for a new line which started in 1987 and ended in 1990.  Over the years the character has remained somewhat the same , he was a news reporter named Charles Victor Szasz who after many failed attempts to stop crime in Hub City decided to adopt the new persona known as the Question . He was an Objectivist vigilante that used his brute strength and his intelligence to try to stop crime, but in the 80's he was reworked to instead follow a Eastern Zen type philosophy to accompany his new line. The only major change to the franchise came in 2006 in the comic book line 52 in which Charles Victor Szasz  passed away from cancer thus leaving his new successor Renne Montoya to fill in his role as the Question. 


    The Question (Victor Szasz) was also a prominent character in Justice League Unlimited. Appearing in

    Fearful Symmetry 
    Double Date

    Question Authority

    Panic in the Sky

    Grudge Match 
    Although most of the league thought the man to be certifiably insane; Batman recognizing Questions “unique” talents tasks him in finding the connection between presidential candidate Lex Luthor and Cadimus, (A secret black ops government group with the soul purpose of creating super soldiers to keep the league of super heroes in check).

     Ultimately however Question finds out more than anybody bargained for. Learning that the Justice League on another Earth killed President Luthor, overthrowing the governments of the world and created there own totalitarian rule over the populist of Earth. Convince that the alternative reality was nothing more than a time loop and that the end of the world or as he would say it “Armageddon the inevitable”, was drawing ever nearer Question decides to do the unthinkable. Kill Lex Luther before he takes office, preventing Superman and the League to follow down the path of becoming the Justice Lords. Of course nothing goes as plan proving that maybe “A” is not always “A”.    


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