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This game was originally going to be part of a set of twelve adventure games, each featuring different Marvel Heroes. Scott Adams made four and only three were published before Adventure International went bankrupt. The first features the Hulk, this is the second, the third features Human Torch and The Thing from Fantastic Four. A fourth unpublished game features the X-Men. By all accounts the fourth game is available on the web somewhere. A comic sets the scene (though not very well) for this second game in the series. When playing this for the first time, it isn't clear what the main objective is, but this can be found out from an ally in the game.


Various enemies of Spider-man must be defeated and various other puzzles solved in order to eventually complete the game with a score of 100. Objects (unless otherwise hidden) and exits are clearly stated at each location to ease with navigating around. This wasn't always the case with text adventures of this era (1980s) and is nice to see here.

Additional Info

  • The game was also part of the compilation Adventure Series 13+ published by Tex-Comp for TI-99/4A.
  • Seems like the game was published in the US and Canada by Adventure International for some systems with the box art provided in the UK on which a Adventure International (U.K.) label is displayed but the prizes are declared in $.
  • The game has two versions on the C64, depending on the region it was published it came with different graphics.

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