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    Questprobe Featuring The Hulk

    Game » consists of 26 releases. Released 1984

    The first of three Questprobe adventure games featuring Marvel characters stars The Hulk.

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    Questprobe is a trilogy of text based adventure games featuring various characters from Marvel Comics. They were designed by Scott Adams and developed by Adventure International. The three games that were released were Questprobe featuring The Hulk, Questprobe featuring Spider-Man and Questprobe featuring The Human Torch and The Thing. There was originally a plan to release twelve games, all featuring Marvel characters, but Adventure International's bankruptcy in 1985 canceled those plans indefinitely.


    Questprobe featuring The Hulk was released in 1984 for the Atari 800, Apple II and Commodore 64.


    The game begins with Dr Bruce Banner tied hand and foot to a chair. From here, you must figure out how to collect a number of gems using Bruce Banner's genius intellect and The Hulk's great strength. The game is entirely text based, and you play by entering actions you wish Dr. Banner/The Hulk to perform. There are also other actions you can perform during the game such as typing 'i' to check your inventory and typing 'score' to check your score. There are several different areas to explore, such as a large dome, an office a place in the clouds. Several other Marvel characters also make cameos, such as Dr. Strange and Ant-Man.


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