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    Quick Man

    Character » appears in 16 games

    A robot master from the Mega Man franchise. His weapon is the Quick Boomerang.

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    Quick Man is one of Dr. Wily's original Robot Masters. Made for speed, Quick Man blasts around at high speeds using his Quick Boomerang. Although he is quick, his optic sensors are too slow to see where he is going, so he usually ends up running in walls because his sensor is unaware he has hit anything. His weakness is Time-Stopper, which gradually takes away his energy meter.

    Quick Man, like all the Robot Masters in Mega Man 2, appears in Mega Man 3 in a Doc Robot. He appears in Spark Man's level and uses the same moves as normal.

    In Super Adventure Rockman, Quick Man is a boss, but unlike the others, he has an unanticipated change of heart. After he is done fighting Mega Man, another Robot Master, Shadow Man, appears and fires Shadow Blade at Mega Man. Realising Mega Man's motif for fighting, Quick Man jumps in front of it and stops it from hitting Mega Man. Quick Man then dies and Mega Man fights Shadow Man to avenge Quick Man's death.

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