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QuickMan appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 2 as a terrorist working for Gospel. he appears as the second boss of the game with his operator Dave, as they try to blow up Okuden Dam, which is near to an area where Lan and his friends are camping. Lan has to Jack MegaMan into 4 PETs, each containing 'keys' for the bomb, where in the fourth one, he encounters and defeats QuickMan.

Battle Data

HP: 400, 600 (V2), 800 (V3)
Attacks: Boomerang, Curved Boomerang (V2 upwards) Slash (done when HP is low, V2 upwards)

Recommended Strategies

QuickMan is quite tough for an early boss, since he can't be hit when he's standing still, or hopping from square to square. You can only hit him when he's unleashing an attack. Fortunately, he doesn’t have too much HP, which is his weakness, so hit him with chips like GutsMan or AirMan, (if you got it from his ghost) which are high power chips at this stage of the game, and you should be able to defeat him.


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