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Prior to the events of Mega Man II, Dr. Wily uses a stolen device to travel several years into the future and kidnap a then retired and placid Mega Man. After maliciously modifying Mega Man, Wily renames him "Quint" and proceeds to employ him as a weapon against his hated nemesis in the past. 
Quint as appeared in Mega Man II and Mega Man V.

Weaponry and Abilities

Quint rides a pogo-stick type robot known as the Sakugarne. It functions as both a vehicle and a weapon, similar to a jackhammer in design. He can use the Sakugarne to damage Mega Man if he bounces on top of him. Though Quint lacks the conventional  Mega Man weaponry (various armaments employed via the Mega Buster), it is implied that since he is essentially Mega Man he shares his other attributes.

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