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    Quistis Trepe

    Character » appears in 6 games

    Quistis is the first party member the Squall gets in Final Fantasy VIII. She is a year older then Squall and the others and is an instructor at Balamb Garden at the start of the adventure.

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    • Age: 18
    • Height: 5'6"
    • Blood Type: A
    • Weapon: Chain Whip
    • Ultimate Weapon: Save the Queen
    • Skill/Limit Break: Blue Magic
    Quistis in the Balamb Garden infirmary.
    Quistis in the Balamb Garden infirmary.

    Quistis Trepe plays a major role in Final Fantasy VIII (FFVIII). She is a very popular teacher at Balamb Garden, despite being relatively young and inexperienced (her followers are know as "Trepies"). Throughout the game Quistis teaches the group basic information such as using the Junction System. Quistis often questions both her abilities and the precise nature of her feelings towards Squall. She adopts a maternal role throughout the game, looking after and protecting those under her wing. Her wit and intelligence is backed up with fearsome fighting abilities, making her a powerful weapon in your arsenal.

    The party finds out that Quistis also attended the orphanage they all did together in their childhood. Furthering her connection with the party above that of a Balamb Instructor assigned to keep watch over them.

    CC Group

    Quistis Triple Triad Card
    Quistis Triple Triad Card

    Quistis is a member of the CC Group. The CC Group are a group of Triple Triad players that are always up to a challenge.

    Quistis is the King of the CC Group.

    Limit Break

    Quistis' Limit Break is Blue Magic. Blue Magic allows Quistis to imitate Monster attacks.

    Blue Magic List

    Ability - Item needed to acquire skill

    • Ultra Waves - Spider Web
    • Electrocute - Coral Fragment
    • LV?Death - Curse Spike
    • Degeneration - Black Hole
    • Aqua Breath - Water Crystal
    • Micro Missile - Missile
    • Acid - Mystery Fluid
    • Gatling Gun - Running Fire
    • Fire Breath - Inferno Fang
    • Bad Breath - Malboro Tentacle
    • White Wind - Whisper
    • Homing Laser - Laser Cannon
    • Mighty Guard - Barrier
    • Ray-Bomb - Power Generator
    • Shockwave Pulsar - Dark Matter

    Quistis’ Weapons

    Chain Whip

    Quistis' Chain Whip
    Quistis' Chain Whip
    • Cost: 100 Gill
    • Attack: 12
    • Hit: 103%
    • Items Required: M-Stone Pieces (x2), Spider Web (x1)

    Slaying Tale

    • Cost: 200 Gill
    • Attack: 15
    • Hit: 104%
    • Items Required: Magic Stone (x2), Sharp Spike (x1)

    Red Scorpion

    • Cost: 400 Gill
    • Attack: 20
    • Hit: 105%
    • Items Required: Ochu Tentacle (x2), Dragon Skin (x2)

    Save the Queen

    • Cost: 800 Gill
    • Attack: 25
    • Hit: 107%
    • Items Required: Malboro Tentacle (x2), Sharp Spike (x4), Energy Crystal (x4)

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