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Quiz Nanairo Dreams ("Quiz Rainbow Colors Dreams") is a quiz game developed by Capcom for the Arcade and later ported to the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. The quiz part frames the game's dating game core, in which the player character encounters seven different young women and can choose to go on dates with them. The player character is informed that they need to stop the resurrection of a local devil by befriending and romancing the seven girls that carry the seven colored gems that are needed to seal the devil.

In order to succeed on dates and during other encounters, the player needs to answer quiz questions - players are usually given a few topics to choose between - and must hit a certain ratio of right answers to wrong answers to win and continue with the game. Every turn the player rolls a die and moves along a board, which leads to various events that usually lead to a quiz.

In the console versions, the player is given a finite number of continues and once those run out the player can gamble everything on a single question to keep playing. The console versions have the subtitle "Nijiirochou no Kiseki", or "Miracle of Rainbow Village".

Romance Options

  • Megumi: The standard dating sim heroine: friendly, innocent and bright. She is the first person the hero meets upon reaching the island. She has long pink hair.
  • Kumiko: The "sporty" character. Member of the swim team and is enduring an intense swimming training regimen. She has short green hair.
  • Momoko: The "nerdy" character. A little younger than the rest of the cast, and has a bookish look with her school uniform and big glasses.
  • Saki Omokane: A fairly normal 16-year old girl, but for her unusual job as part of the Earth Defense Force. When on the job, she's very serious and no-nonsense. Has blonde/red hair and, often, an Evangelion-style armored suit. Saki would go on to appear in Marvel vs. Capcom and a number of other Capcom fighters.
  • Mayumi: The "adult" character. A 25-year-old woman that is a teacher in the protagonist's school. Despite her maturity, can act airheaded.
  • Charlotte: A foreign princess in exile, she lives in the largest mansion in town and is fairly spoiled and egocentric. She's also the youngest character at 12.
  • Emi: An outgoing photographer with short red hair. Like Mayumi, she's in her 20s. Often seen wearing goggles on top of her head.

In addition, there are two "companion" characters who are often by the player character's side:

  • Pixy: Pixy is a fairy and is the one informs the player of the devil's imminent resurrection and attempts to help him. She stays out of sight of the other characters.
  • Linz: Linz is Pixy's opposite: a mischievous imp that works for the devil that the player is trying to stop. Despite her attempts to get in the protagonist's way, she starts to become interested in him.


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