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    Quote is the main protagonist of the indie game Cave Story.

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    A combat android from "the surface".
    At the beginning of the game he does not know who he is, nor what has happening in the world. Quote's mission before his memory loss was to find the Demon Crown and destroy it with his partner (who is now lost) Curly Brace. The mimiga(locals) see you as a "kill bot" and refuse to assist you. You must earn their trust, find your lost partner, and finish your mission. 


    Quote's movement can be described as "floaty", and moves about the screen similar to Luigi from Super Mario Brothers 2. His jumps arch up which require patience and timing to get used to. 
    His health is regenerated by picking up hearts from the fallen, or at a Heart Refill Terminal (typically near save points). His maximum heal is increased by finding  a Life Capsule which are hidden throuout the game world.
    Weapons that quote picks up during his mission are leveled up from 1-4 by picking up energy crystals from fallen enemies. Each weapon increases in power and effect as you gain levels. When Quote takes damage he loses energy, which can delevel his abilities.
    Later in the game you receive a Booster Pack which grants you limited flight capabilities. When holding jump, you will activate the Pack, and fly upward until you let go of the jump button or run out of fuel. The fuel regenerates automatically when the Booster Pack is not in use.

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