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    R. Lee Ermey

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    Decorated Retired Marine Corps Drill Sergeant and Established Actor

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    Ronald Lee Ermery (born March 24, 1944 in Emporia, Kansas, USA), commonly know as "Gunny," is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Drill Instructor and a Golden Globe-nominated actor. 

    Video Game References  

    •  In the early 1990s, appeared as a Martian pilot in a training video for Virtual World Entertainment's game "Red Planet", alongside other actors such as Cheech Marin, Nora Dunn, Weird Al Yankovic, Jean  Severance, and Judge  Reinhold.    
    •  The computer game Star Trek: Armada II contains a reference to Ermey. The random name cycle of the Federation's Iwo Jima-class boarding vessel will eventually create a ship named the R. L. Ermey.    
    •  The video game Fallout 3 also contains a reference to Ermey. Wandering the wasteland is a robot dealer. One of the robots is a military grade model named RL-3, which in computer savvy terms translates to RL-E; Ermey's initials.    
    •  The video game Half Life: Opposing Force features a nod to Ermey in a character named Drill Sergeant S. T. Barnes. He talks in the same tone as him and sometimes uses lines similar to Ermey, including the "Texas" line.    



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