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    R. Mika

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    Rainbow Mika is a female wrestler who seeks fame, introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

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    Rainbow Mika (often shortened to "R. Mika") is on a quest to become the "Star of the ring" in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Her promotional strategy to accomplish this is to fight as many famous street fighters as she can around the world to gain fame and glory. Mika also hopes to run into her number one idol, Zangief, while promoting herself this way.


    During the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3, it is known that Rainbow Mika encountered and fought two people of note, Karin Kanzuki and The Red Cyclone himself. While winner is unknown in their fight, Karin was impressed with Mika's performance and decided to sponsor her endeavor of becoming the "Star of the ring." Mika did manage to defeat Zangief, though it is highly implied that Zangief lost that match on purpose to bolster her confidence as a wrestler. It not known whether or not Rainbow Mika was involved in Zangief's mission against Shadaloo.

    Gameplay and Techniques

    Rainbow Mika was quite unique for a Street Fighter character when she was first introduced. She was a grappling character that was agile and had many unorthodox techniques mixed in with her command throws. Mika's price of being an agile grappling type came with the caveat of not having as much power behind techniques. The prevalent strategy with Mika is to use her unusual techniques and agility to confuse and mix-up the opponent, so in a sense she is a prototype of El Fuerte. Her special and super moves are also known to have a lot of flare, with an example being a wrestling ring coming out of nowhere in certain super moves.

    Special Moves

    In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Rainbow Mika is second in having the most throws in the game, beaten only by the grappling-focused Zangief. The "wingless airplane" move is the only Air-to-Air command throw in the game, causing more damage than any normal air-to-air available to all characters. The Daydream Headlock is a 360 command throw that has a similar range to regular throw but does more damage. The Paradise Hold is another 360 command throw that travels a short distance before grabbing an opponent. The Flying Peach and Shooting Peach are infamous moves where Rainbow Mika attacks with her butt, traveling a short distance. The difference between the Flying and Shooting Peach lies in that the former has a long start up time but no lag afterwards, whereas the latter is the complete opposite having no start up time but long lag afterwards.

    Super Moves

    The Rainbow Hip Rush begins with several chops from Rainbow Mika ending with a Shooting Peach. The Heavenly Dynamite is a daydream headlock that ends differently depending on the level of super gauge used with a level 1 ending normally, level 2 ends with a suplex, and level 3 ending with Brain Buster drop from the turnpost of a wrestling ring. The Beach Special is a unique special where Mika runs towards the opponent and the player can dictate whate she does with button presses.

    Win Quotes

    "I'm learning more and more! The experience is exciting!"

    "I know I can do more! I was only warming up!"

    "You need to work on your personality! For your fans!"

    "Power, technique, and beauty! I have mastered the basics!"

    "I'll get better and better with practice. Right?!"

    "The superstar of the ring... That's what I wanna be!"

    "Don't underestimate me! I believe in my dreams!"


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