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    Rabbids Go Home: A Comedy Adventure

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 01, 2009

    The Rabbids want to go home, which they think is on the Moon. And this time around, minigames aren't going with them.

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    Rabbids Go Home: A Comedy Adventure is a game for the Nintendo Wii that once again stars the insane, idiotic Rabbids as they attempt to make their way home. Unlike the previous Rayman Raving Rabbids titles, Rabbids Go Home is not a minigame collection, and Rayman will not appear in the game. Instead, the game handles as an action-adventure title, with the Rabbids exploring various levels and collecting items.

    A small group of Rabbids are trying to reach the moon so they can all nap together. Their plan is to collect as much junk as they can and put it in a junkyard, where they plan on climbing this pile of junk to get to the moon. To get everything they need, two Rabbids will sprint through levels with a shopping cart and gather up whatever they can find in the various locales.

    New to Rabbids Go Home is a screen capture function to share pictures of the game with friends.

    Rabbid Customization

    Rabbids Go Home features a character customization feature in which the player is able to adjust the look of their playable Rabbid. The customization mode is set within a hollow Wii Remote. The on-screen remote reacts to the players own button presses and gestures on the physical controller, and the Rabbid within the remote is slammed around as a result. When not inflicting physical abuse upon the Rabbid, the player can customize its appearance with various clothing options and tools such as an air canister used to inflate or deflate its eyes and ears.


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