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    The RaceAbout is a sports car prototype designed by students from Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia in Finland. Featured in Live for Speed, it is difficult to drive at its limit.

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    Conceived and created by students at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, the RaceAbout is a real-life two-seater roadster. The goal was simple: to create a car that gives its driver a great experience, be it on the race track or on the open road. The RaceAbout's design reflects this streamlined no-nonsense objective, and anyone who can handle the car will find it a thrill to work with.

    Permission was granted for the Live for Speed developers to add the RaceAbout into their game. It's competitive against the FZ50, but the thrill of taking a RaceAbout around a track makes it worth a try otherwise, at the very least.

    The RaceAbout also has hybrid and knobbly tire options, making it a possible choice for rallycross. This is highly discouraged, however, as the RaceAbout is especially hard to control on dirt.


    These specifications were obtained from Live for Speed.

    • Engine Placement: Mid-engine
    • Drive Wheels: Rear-wheel drive
    • Transmission: H-pattern gearbox
    • Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4
    • Power: 183 kW (245 bhp) @ 5906 rpm
    • Torque: 360 Nm (266 lbft) @ 3500 rpm
    • Total Mass: 800 kg (1763 lbs)
    • Power-weight: 228 W/kg (311 bhp/ton)
    • Weight Distribution: 40.1% Front, 59.9% Rear
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 42 liters

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