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    Radar is a player assist device included in the Heads Up Display of many games that represents the player's surroundings and the positions of objects, vehicles and enemies.

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    Real World Application

    Radar uses electromagnetic energy to determine the location and movement of objects in relation to the generation of the energy. Sensors can determine the distance to objects based on the reflection of the electromagnetic waves off of the object.

    Radar is used in many real world applications such as avionics, meteorology and warfare.

    In-game application

    Radar is used as a device in many video games to give the player a visual representation of the surroundings to aid them in completing goals. Some games explain the presence of the radar through the narrative of the game; the player's character wears a helmet or suit that gives them access to a radar display. Other games have no basis for the character to have access to a radar display; it's only meant to aid the player. The radar in games gives the player different information from title to title, but usually have common elements. Some of the items displayed on the radar in many games include the following:

    • Enemies
    • Obstacles
    • Buildings
    • Non-player characters
    • Weapons
    • Doors
    • Stairs
    • Objectives

    Many of the same information found on a HUD radar can also be found in an in-game map.

    Multiplayer games also have options to turn the radar on and off depending on the skills of the players participating in the game.


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