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    Radiation Suit

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    A radiation suit is often used to shield a player's health from the deadly effects of various hazards.

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    The radiation suit, also known as the hazard or toxin suit, is a protective suit that protects the player's health in dangerous areas. These hazards often include radiation zones, toxic waste or gases, slime, or even lava.  


    These suits are often given to players as temporary powerups to cross dangerous zones, but these protective features have also been implemented into a character's general armor abilities.

    The Power Up 

    In many shooters, these suits are temporary single use powerups, activated when the player acquires it.  They usually have a specific purpose for the current level, and allow a player to reach or explore an area without risking their life. This ability often lasts for only a short  amount of time, regardless of whether the player is actually standing in a hazard. Players are usually given visual or audio alerts warning of the depletion of the suit.   

    The Armor

    In some games, the ability of a radiation suit is more of an integral part of the character's armor. This kind of armor does everything, absorbing damage from falls, attacks, or toxic hazards. The character loses this protection when their suit runs out of armor hit points or energy.

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