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Rage of Dragons story is about the master of the Black Dragon who plans to take over the world. It's the job of whatever characters you chose to stop him, before it's too late. The game has 15 characters to chose from. All the characters, except Abubo, fight in pairs with each character having a personal motivation for fighting, which you discover in the games endings.


Rush Combo
Rush Combo

Rage of Dragons features tag-team gameplay. The object in a tag-team match is to defeat both characters to win. Your team of two characters each have a heath bar and you can switch between your two characters. You can also perform tag attacks like combo rushes and counter attacks that replace one character with the other. Your character also has a power meter that can perform individual specials attack when full. Your single character can perform their own combos that require a sequence of button presses to complete. Another gameplay element is the ability to knock your opponent against an object on either side of the screen to do even more damage. The game has a mini boss and a final boss. Each boss character has much more health and power than average.


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Neo-Geo games in the late 1990's into early 2000 made games using the so-called Giga-Power. These games would feature improved graphics and sound that maximized the capability of the arcade console. It was also mostly a response to their rival Capcom's CPS-3 technology. Rage of Dragons features bright and fluid characters sprites. The game has an entire punk rock and rave theme to it that is clear in the character designs and the backgrounds. The music in the game is also mostly techno based, with a few differences in a couple of stages.


Rage of Dragons would only get ported to the Sega Dreamcast, and only in Japan, as the Dreamcast in the United States died before the game came out.

Playable Characters

choose your tag-team
choose your tag-team
  • Billy Lewis
  • Jimmy Lewis
  • Lynn Baker
  • Sonia Romanenko
  • Annie Murakami
  • Radel
  • Pupa Salgueiro
  • Pepe Rodriguez
  • Oni
  • Jae-Mo Kang
  • Mr. Jones
  • Elias Patrick
  • Cassandra
  • Alice Carrol
  • Abubo (Sub Boss)
  • Johann (Final Boss)

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