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    Rage of the Dragons

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 20, 2002

    Intended to be a spiritual successor to the Double Dragon fighting game, Rage of the Dragons is 2D tag-team fighting game for the Neo Geo.

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    Rage of Dragons is a 2D tag-team fighting game developed by Noise Factory (in conjunction with Evoga and BrezzaSoft) and released by Playmore for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on September 20, 2002. It was also published for the Neo Geo AES on the same day.

    Originally designed by Evoga to be a sequel to the 1995 fighting game Double Dragon (changing it to a homage after failing to acquire the intellectual rights to the series), Rage of the Dragons is a 2-on-2 tag-team fighting game with the same art style as Noise Factory's earlier Sengoku 3.

    The story involves various pairs of martial artists and those with supernatural powers, with everybody having personal motivations for fighting in Sunshine City. Some of these fighters harness the power of dragon spirits (with brothers Billy and Jimmy Lewis controlling the Blue and Red Dragons and main antagonist Johann controlling the Black Dragon).

    The game's engine and art style would later be used for later entries in the Power Instinct series (with some characters making guest appearances in their first take on the series).


    Rush Combo
    Rush Combo

    Rage of Dragons features tag-team gameplay. The object in a tag-team match is to defeat both characters to win. Your team of two characters each have a heath bar and you can switch between your two characters. You can also perform tag attacks like combo rushes and counter attacks that replace one character with the other. Your character also has a power meter that can perform individual specials attack when full. Your single character can perform their own combos that require a sequence of button presses to complete. Another gameplay element is the ability to knock your opponent against an object on either side of the screen to do even more damage. The game has a mini boss and a final boss. Each boss character has much more health and power than average.


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    The game includes 14 playable characters and 2 boss characters (who are only playable with cheat codes):

    While players can form a two-fighter team out of any non-boss character, they can only view team-specific endings from the following pairs:

    • Billy/Lynn
    • Jimmy/Sonia
    • Radel/Annie
    • Kang/Jones
    • Oni/Cassandra
    • Elias/Alice
    • Pepe/Pupa
    • Billy/Jimmy

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