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    Rage Racer

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 15, 1997

    Rage Racer is the third Ridge Racer installment on consoles and sports a unique, darker style compared to the rest of the series.

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    Rage Racer was released by Namco for the Playstation. It was the first game to have Reiko Nagase officially announced in the game as she is now the "face" of the Ridge Racer series.

    Rage Racer is the first Ridge Racer title ever where new cars must be purchased using credits won from races. It is also the first Ridge Racer title where the players can use credits to upgrade the performance of their vehicles. Rage Racer has an almost RPG-like progresson system, as a player can choose to re-enter races in order to earn more credits, or instead attempt more challenging racing classes without upgrading or purchasing a new vehicle first.

    Even today these elements are relatively rare for the Ridge Racer series, where cars are typically awarded for free or unlocked, and the speed level of each is always the same, or purely dependent on whatever course or racing class you've selected.


    Stadard GP info for track names, length, GP name and prize money for each class in GP Mode.

    Mythical Coast

    Length: 4641m

    • Class 1: Calme GP - 1st 400eg, 2nd 160eg, 3rd 80eg
    • Class 2: Brise GP - 1st 2400eg, 2nd 1000eg, 3rd 500eg
    • Class 3: Rafale GP - 1st 12000eg, 2nd 5000eg, 3rd 2500eg
    • Class 4: Mistral GP - 1st 60000eg, 2nd 25000eg, 3rd 12500eg
    • Class 5: Tempete GP - 1st 375000eg, 2nd 125000eg, 3rd 62500eg

    Over Pass City

    Length: 6640m

    • Class 1: Calme GP - 1st 550eg, 2nd 240eg, 3rd 120eg
    • Class 2: Brise GP - 1st 3400eg, 2nd 1500eg, 3rd 750eg
    • Class 3: Rafale GP - 1st 18000eg, 2nd 7500eg, 3rd 3750eg
    • Class 4: Mistral GP - 1st 85000eg, 2nd 37500eg, 3rd 18750eg
    • Class 5: Tempete GP - 1st 420000eg, 2nd 187500, 3rd 93750eg

    Lakeside Gate

    Length: 6237m

    • Class 1: Calme GP - 1st 500eg, 2nd 220eg, 3rd 110eg
    • Class 2: Brise GP - 1st 3200eg, 2nd 1400eg, 3rd 700eg
    • Class 3: Rafale GP - 1st 16000eg, 2nd 7000eg, 3rd 3500eg
    • Class 4: Mistral GP - 1st 80000eg, 2nd 35000eg, 3rd 17500eg
    • Class 5: Tempete GP - 1st 400000eg, 2nd 175000eg, 3rd 87500eg

    The Extreme Oval

    Length: 3074m

    • Class 3: Rafale GP - 1st 22000eg, 2nd 6000eg, 3rd 3000eg
    • Class 4: Mistral GP - 1st 90000eg, 2nd 30000eg, 3rd 15000eg
    • Class 5: Tempete GP - 1st 300000eg, 2nd 150000eg, 3rd 75000eg

    There is also an unlockable Class 6 and an Extra GP mode.


    List of cars available in standard GP mode of the game with price and other information.

    Each time a car is tuned up it goes into the next grade up.

    The cars stats are shown in each grade.

    Grade 1



    Max Power: 70 PS / 5200 rpm

    Max Torque: 8.3 kgm / 3200 rpm

    Cost: You start off with this car

    Grade 2



    Max Power: 80 PS / 6200 rpm

    Max Torque: 7.1kgm / 2600 rpm

    Cost: 2600eg



    Max Power: 150 PS / 5000 rpm

    Max Torque: 36.2 kgm / 2800 rpm

    Cost: 4000eg

    Grade 3



    Max Power: 99 PS / 6700 rpm

    Max Torque: 9.8 kgm / 3500 rpm

    Cost: 14500eg



    Max Power: 200 PS / 5000 rpm

    Max Torque: 38.1 kgm / 3600 rpm

    Cost: 15200eg



    Max Power: 255 PS / 8000 rpm

    Max Torque: 28.6 kgm / 6600 rpm

    Cost: 20000eg

    Grade 4



    Max Power: 160 PS / 7200 rpm

    Max Torque: 15.2 kgm / 6600 rpm

    Cost: 143300eg

    Maunal Transmission only



    Max Power: 340 PS / 5700 rpm

    Max Torque: 42.6 kgm / 4500 rpm

    Cost: 136700eg

    Maunal Transmission only



    Max Power: 380 PS / 7500 rpm

    Max Torque: 47.1 kgm / 7000 rpm

    Cost: 151600eg

    Maunal Transmission only

    Grade 5



    Max Power: 650 PS / 9000 rpm

    Max Torque: 60 kgm / 6200 rpm

    Cost: 695900

    Maunal Transmission only


    Though the soundtrack is widely credited to "Namco Sound Team," the principle members (Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso, collectively known as SamplingMasters) of that team left Namco to pursue other projects before development of the soundtrack for Rage Racer began. This allowed up-and-comers Tetsukazu Nakanishi and Hiroshi Okubou to shine, producing what can be considered one of the best soundtracks in the series.

    The game used Redbook audio and as such, could be put into normal CD players to enjoy the game's great music outside of the game.

    1. [Game Data]

    2. Prologue

    3. Rage Racer

    4. Mathemabeat

    5. Lightning Luge

    6. Industria

    7. Hurricane Hub

    8. Mech Monster

    9. Silver Stream

    10. Stimulation

    11. Volcano Vehicle

    12. Replay

    13. Replay (Time Attack)

    14. Result

    15. Game Over

    16. Victory

    17. Deep Drive (In the game, this song is unlocked once the player has all the Gold Trophies)

    There were only a few songs that used Sony's proprietary PlayStation streaming formats or soundchip-produced songs:

    Opening (Played during Rage Racer's video introduction)

    Menu Screen (Played in game's menu screens)

    End Credits (Played during Rage Racer's video ending)


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