Has anyone been able to fix the screen tearing?

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I have tried everything to stop the screen tearing. I have forced vsync on in the Nvidia control panel as well as inserting +r_swapInterval 1 in the launch commands but the tearing continues. Has anyone figured away to stop it.

Here is my rig if you want to know.

Asus gtx 580,Asus P8P67 deluxe,Corsair XMS 8gb ,i7-2600k

If you would like to know the rest of the components then feel free to ask.

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What driver are you using? I've heard other people complain about no forced vsync, but it seems to be working for me when forced in the driver. I have 2 570s and I'm not seeing the tearing that I did previously.

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I am playing on the xbox so I cant even change the settings :/

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Try turning off all your background windowed apps as well especially Firefox.For whatever crazy reason at some point i restarted the game and i was getting crazy screen tearing closed all programs and it went away.I fixed all my problems with rage using the beta drivers and above method of forcing v-sync and triple buffering

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