Quick Question for Rage players on 360

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I feel I am a good part through the game yet I have not been asked to change disks yet. I have it installed on my 360. Is it going to let me play through the whole game without swapping? - I would be surprised if it did, but I would be equally surprised to know I was less than a 1/3 of the way through. Any help?

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#2 Posted by Pablo (24 posts) -

You swap to disc 2 probably when you get 70% through the story.

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@Pablo: Ta. Even when installed? What about disk 3 is that just for multiplayer or something?

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#4 Posted by eastcoasteric (73 posts) -

Disc 3 is only or multiplayer and you'll know when you're suppose to swap disc, trust me.

Has the authority invaded Wellspring yet? As in, searching for you? And have you met the Resistance yet?

If so, you're about almost there or swapping the disc, but if you haven't...you still have a little ways to go.

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