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    Raging Raven

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    Raging Raven is the aerial attack and demolitions experts of the elite group of Metal Gear Solid 4 called the Beauty and the Beast Corps. Just like the rest of the unit her weapons and name reference past Metal Gear bosses. In her case Vulcan Raven and The Fury.

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    Raven in flight
    Raven in flight

    Raging Raven was born in born in Aceh, a territory of Indonesia, a place that had already been through years of war prior to her birth . She was captured by soldiers during her youth, and was caged up with other child prisoners. The children gave each other hope by cheering each other on and sharing what little food they had. The soldiers beat the children constantly, the soldiers referring to the kids as "shit-eating ravens". Then one day they suddenly left the area - without the hostages. The prisoners were left to be eaten alive by birds. One girl was lucky enough to escape her bonds with the help of one of the birds, while the other kids were left to die horribly. Filled with an immense amount of rage, she ripped the ravens apart, tracked the soldiers down and killed them all at nightfall, but her rage refused to relent, and she murdered all their civilian captives as well. Screaming and cawing during the entire massacre, no longer being able to tell the difference between her victims.

    Eventually, after what was no doubt one of the least healthy childhoods in history, she was recruited to the Beauty and the Beast Unit by Liquid Ocelot, giving her a powered armour flight suit and a MGL-140 grenade launcher, as well as mental control over an enormous "flock" of bird-like assault drones, which followed her through the skies and rained highly accurate explosive death upon her enemies on the ground. Because her hate simply would not go away, a condition exacerbated by the cybernetic transformation, her codename became "Raging Raven". Prior to the Guns of the Patriots incident, the Beauty and the Beast Unit were given the specific order to hunt down and kill Solid Snake (who was actually now operating under the codename "Old Snake"), given special incentive through the lie that killing Snake would make them whole again and fix their various mental disorders.

    She is first shown flying through the skies in the unnamed middle eastern country, with the local rebel forces confused as to the nature of her assualt drones. She is later shown, along with the rest of the B & B members, laying waste to a large group of rebels as Snake observes from a safe hiding spot. Snake encounters her once again in Europe, after he discovers he is being trailed. He battles Raven and her drones in a massive building, and eventually defeats her. She then breaks out of her suit, and with only minutes left to survive, attacks Snake one last time. Like the other B & B battles, the player had the option of killing her or defeating her with non-lethal force. Depending on which method is chosen, one of two endings will occur. Ultimately, the era of Raging Raven is put to an end, and Drebin reveals her past to Snake.


    Show me your rage!

    I'm not angry... I'm scared.

    I don't need these wings.

    Fight Strategy


    Raging Raven isn’t overly difficult, but it can be a lengthy fight added a big chunk of time to your total. To save time here it’s recommended you bring the Rail Gun from a previous play through. This guide assumes you already have knowledge of this fight and are attempting the Big Boss Emblem, thus will not cover Health recovering items or lethal means.

    Strategy (Easy Mode)

    What you will need

    • Rail Gun
    • Patience
    • Solid Eye

    There isn’t much to it here. Head to the very top of the tower and equip your Solid Eye. Raven will appear as a cluster of dots on your radar, while her drones will appear as a single dot. Head to a blown out section of the wall and aim down. She will do laps around the tower. Carefully watch her flight path and charge up your Rail Gun. You’re going to be going for a fully charged head shot. Once you’re ready, take the shot. If you miss she won’t notice, if you don’t hit her head it’ll still take most of her health, so pull out any old weapon and finish her off. A head shot will result in instant victory.

    Strategy (Hard Mode)

    What you will need

    • High Powered Weapon of choice. SVD and RPG are good choices.
    • Healing Song (To save time)
    • Solid Eye

    Alright, so you haven’t got the Rail Gun or just want a challenge. This fight is very doable and not very hard without it, but you’re looking at an additional 15-20 minutes or more on your total time. Let’s get started.

    Head to the top of the tower, first thing is first. You must be familiarized with the ‘safe zone’. The doorway leading outside on the uppermost level is indestructible, that means you can hide behind it even while she’s shooting at you, but you have to lie down. The exact spot is in the corner to the right of the door, under the window. Simply lay down there to recover health; this is why I recommend you have a healing song to save time. Now it’s time to start the fight, head out the door, but stay close to the window. When she is about to attack, do a roll through it and lie down. The main strategy here is to watch your radar, and take shots on Raven whenever possible. Explosives are fine here, so feel free to use the RPG. The SVD and M14 work well too. Unfortunately some of her attacks are hard to see, so if and when you are hit, recover health in the safe zone. Pay no attention to the drones, they will very rarely attack you with missiles, and they are easy to avoid. If Raven yells something like “I’m overheating!” quickly check your Solid Eye for a cluster of dots in the distance and take a free and extra damaging shot while she’s resting on a rooftop. There isn’t a lot more to this fight. It’s all about locating her quickly and taking fast accurate shots. You’ll get it down fast, and if you’re really having troubles, you can stay in the safe zone for longer than usual to lose Raven in order to take an easy shot.


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