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    Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World

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    A planned sequel to Ragnarok Online that was canceled in 2010 after a long stint in open beta. It was replaced by Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second.

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    Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World was an MMORPG developed by Gravity. The game was released in 2007, but in July 2010 it was announced that this version of the game would be shut down and an entirely new game, Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second would be taking its place.

    Job System

    The new job system will add the possibility to customize even more your character by being able to change jobs but retain some skills of the previous job (Specialty Skills). The job level of each class that the character has played will be saved and depending on which skills the player chose to specialize, those are the ones that will be retained when the change of job is done. For example, you could choose to specialize in a two-handed weapon ability while being a Swordsman and then change to an Enchanter, this will allow you to wield two-handed weapons while being a Enchanter thanks to the specialty chosen.

    • There will be a requirement to change jobs.
    • The number of skills that can be specialized in is limited.
    • The ability to change jobs has been said to be only possible with certain races.

    Stats Management

    The new stat management system will be a hybrid system between the Ragnarok Online system and the automatic stat allocation system used in many recent games. It has been stated that two fifths of the stats of the character are chosen by the player, while the other three fifths are automatically allocated depending on the current class of the character. Also, the importance of every stat has increased, so it is now much more difficult to level up a character that only has two or three stats leveled up like in the previous game.

    The following stats are present in the game:

    • STR (Strength): This will affect physical damage and physical defense.
    • DEX (Dexterity): This will affect melee critical hit chance and physical dodge chance.
    • CON (Concentration): This will affect melee physical and magic HIT chance, ranged damage and ranged critical hit chance.
    • INT (Intelligence): This will affect magic damage, magic defense and ranged hit chance.
    • LUK (Luck): This will affect melee, ranged and magic dodge chance.

    The user will not be able to allocate any points in LUK though, since it's numbers will come from equipment or skills.


    Gravity has only announced the first 5 job classes for the Norman race. It is still uncertain if these classes will advance into more advanced classes. The other races are still to be determined whether they will be class based or not.


    The Novice is very similar to the Novice in Ragnarok Online, it is the starting class for every Norman player which can then advance into the first job after leveling certain number of job levels. The class retains some of the abilities such as Play Dead. It will feature more skills than those seen in the first game.


    The Swordsman class retains his role of the first game as the "Tank". It possesses high HP, high defense and specializes in dealing damage through melee combat.


    The Enchanter is a hybrid between the Acolyte, Mage and Sage of the first game. It possesses many support abilities like resurrection, while still having the possibility to deal damage through elemental skills.


    The Recruit is the result of a combination of the Archer class and the Gunslinger class. It is the main ranged damage dealer but is based around modern weaponry. It has been said that it will be more useful in close combat than the Archer was in the first game.


    The Thief will be more "trickery" and mayhem themed this time. It will still attack in close combat with short weapons but it's skills will be more poison / disorient themed instead of focusing on melee damage.


    The Clown is based around the Bard and the Dancer but differs from them in certain aspects. It is still unknown the specific role of the Clown but it is hinted to be a support class like the Bard or the Dancer.

    Race System

    Gravity has announced that Ragnarok Online 2 will include a Race System made up of three races. They announced so far only specifications on the Norman race and appearance of the other two. The privileges of each race are still unknown.


    • The Norman race is the Ragnarok Online first game's main and only race.
    • Their appearance is very human-like.
    • They will have the job system previously mentioned
    • It is said to be aimed at "bored" gamers.


    • The Ellr are a half-breed between Elves and Normans.
    • Their appearence is very child like.
    • They base their skills around magical stones called "Stones of Ancestors".
    • It is said to be aimed at Asian gamers.


    • The Dimago race is a half-breed between the Colossus and the Normans.
    • The Dimago are the tallest race and it is said that they fight "with style".
    • They possess a "dynamic skill tree".
    • It is said to be aimed at Western gamers.


    The soundtrack is being composed by

    Yoko Kanno

    , composer of many anime series including but not limited to Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain and a Ghost in the Shell.


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